Our Sermon Series Thus Far…

Sermon #1 – There are approximately twenty different churches in Washington, Iowa. So what makes Prairie Flower unique, different, and special from every other church in town? Answer: Our Core Values! These values form the DNA (the core ideology) of what makes us truly exceptional. Join us as we launch this new nine week sermon series entitled, “Core Values: Who We Are,” and discover what it means to be grounded, focused, and led as a Jesus Follower at Prairie Flower!

Sermon #2 – As we move forward, defining our core values, crafting our mission, casting the vision, making BIG plans for God’s glory and the good of others, it is inevitable, we will encounter BIG problems! It’s an inescapable reality. BIG dreams always come at a BIG cost, namely, BIG problems, but God is BIGGER, and He has ordained the means of prayer to move His hand. Join us as we investigate the mighty power of passionate prayer as evidenced in the life of King Hezekiah!

Sermon #3 – Stand up. Sit down. Stand up. Sit down. Sing this song. Sing that song. Hear this sermon. Pray. Leave. Is this the extent of Christianity? Is this the heartbeat of the gospel? NO!!! Absolutely not! At the center of Christianity, and what makes the gospel so beautiful, is in the fact that it’s all about a relationship with Jesus – not a ritual! Join us as we discover what it truly means to love people and why relationships matter and rituals don’t!

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