The Way Forward…

God is blessing Prairie Flower in BIG ways! In order to accommodate for our growth, and to accomplish our overall mission, we are in the process of doing the following:

1) Hiring a 2nd Pastor. This individual would be the first Associate Pastor in Prairie Flower’s history! As was discussed last Sunday, his job focus will be youth programming and counseling. However, it is important to realize that this individual will be the “Associate Pastor”, not the “Youth Pastor”. In other words, his job focus is on our youth (and counseling them), but he will have a very dynamic role in the ministry, and will be doing other things beyond the youth group context. His official job description is as follows: “In keeping with the standards of the Word of God, and in staying true to our core values, and in pursuit of our mission (i.e. to provide grace-based solutions for real-life problems), the Associate Pastor at Prairie Flower Baptist Church (PFBC) will facilitate and manage grace-based relationships within our growing youth ministry by means of producing an effective counseling and discipleship program. The Associate Pastor will report directly to the Lead Pastor of PFBC.” Please be in prayer for us as we move forward with a possible candidate for this position.

2) Reformatting our Sunday services. As was discussed last Sunday, we will be going to an all morning format (no evening service) for the month of August. Again, this will simply be a trial run to see if such a format will work with our church and community. The new format is as follows: Sunday School will be from 9:00-9:45 AM, Prairie Time (i.e. fellowship time/meet and greet time) will be from 9:45-10:15 AM, and the Sunday Morning Worship Service will start at approximately 10:15 AM. Different ministries (some structured and some unstructured) will take place during the Sunday evening hours.

This is the way forward! Your leadership (i.e. pastor and deacons) are firmly committed to reaching the lost and remaining viable as a grace-based community of believers! We are in desperate need of your prayers and feedback! Tell us what you think…and, above all, trust your Heavenly Father because He’s in ultimate control of ALL things, not us.

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