The Task Ahead…

I joined the U.S. Army at age 19. Just before I left for Basic Training, my father gave to me a letter with the following message: “David, before you set off on your own, let me give you three final commands as your father: 1) Love God – let this be your motive for all decisions, 2) Serve Your Country – let this be your path (for at least the next four years), and 3) Remember Who You Are – let this be your guide in all temptations. I love you and I am very proud of you!” I read these words from my father at the start of my military journey, and I have never forgotten the wisdom behind these words.

You know, as I contemplate the task before us, I am mindful of my father’s admonition to me so many years ago. That is to say, things are happening here at Prairie Flower and the task ahead of us (i.e. facilitating the momentum) is great. However, as someone once stated, “The task ahead of you, is never as great as the power behind you.” Therefore, let’s not get bogged down with the monumental task in front of us. Instead, let’s focus on the great power (i.e. the Holy Spirit) that is behind us, empowering us and guiding us!

With that as our focus, we must live everyday with my father’s words in mind. In other words, loving God (and others) must be our primary motive for all that we plan and do. Our planning must not be driven by mere lust for success, but out of love for our great God. Also, serving our church must be the path that we walk. That is to say, we have been saved to serve! This should be a delight, and not done out of mere obligation. Are you serving here at Prairie Flower? Finally, we must always remember who we are. In other words, we must constantly preach the gospel to ourselves, reminding ourselves that we are children of the King, and that God loves us with an incredible love! Don’t ever forget that…and preach this message to yourself often and loudly.

Prairie Flower, tough times are ahead of us. The task before us IS great, but so is our power! Let me encourage you to constantly focus on the power that we have in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (cf. Ephesians 6:10). He will lead us, guide us, sustain us, and empower us. All we must do is trust Him.

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