Three-Dimensional Ministry

On Sunday, October 26, we will be launching Growth Groups. This is a sermon-based small group Bible Study that will meet in a variety of different locations (i.e. homes, coffee shops, etc). For the time being, Growth Groups will only meet once a month (i.e. the fourth Sunday of the month) for the next eight months. Growth Groups is a significant part of our way forward…and I am excited to see how God will use this ministry in our individual lives!

In fact, did you know that Growth Groups is a three-dimensional ministry? That’s right! It serves our church on multiple levels. That is to say, it has an upward focus, an inward energy, and an outward mission. Let me explain…

1) Upward Focus – Growth Groups exists to be a spiritually constructive time where God’s Word is the primary focus. This is accomplished through a sermon-based Bible study, group sharing of how they will apply the principles of Scripture to their daily lives, and a concentrated time of prayer.

2) Inward Energy – Growth Groups also exists for the development and strengthening of biblical relationships. In other words, we want our “relationship root system” to be wide (i.e. Sunday Morning interactions) and deep (i.e. Growth Group interactions). A planned time for coffee, refreshments, and conversation is an integral part of our Growth Groups’ program.

3) Outward Mission – Growth Groups also exists as the “engine room” of our church. In other words, every Growth Group must make prayer for the unsaved and the unchurched a priority. Also, the planning of service projects and the recruitment of new Growth Group members is an essential element of our outward mission.

There you have it! Growth Groups is all about a deepening relationship with God (upward focus), a strengthening of current church relationships (inward focus), and an eye toward the future (outward mission). Growth Groups is a triple win! And yes…Growth Groups is for you! Whether you are young or old…parenting small children or grandparenting great-grandchildren…brand new church member or a long-term church member…this program is for you! Please sign up this Sunday if you are interested in this new and exciting three-dimensional ministry. It’s simply the way forward.

Have more questions? Where is Growth Groups found in Scripture? How is Growth Groups different from a clique? For the answers to these questions and more please visit with us during the Sunday School hour this Sunday, September 28 at 9:00 AM! We would love to see you there!

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