Sermon Series Schedule

At Prairie Flower Baptist Church we seek to be highly intentional, practical, and relevant in the construction of our sermon series. That is to say, we do not simply throw together sermons the week before the service comes. Great thought, study, prayer, and attention to detail are given to the construction of each sermon in a series. Below you will find the proposed sermon series schedule for the next four months:

Sunday, October 5 – Grace, Worry, and You!
Communion with Jon Rocha

Sunday, October 12 – Grace, Anger, and You!

Sunday, October 19 – Grace, Envy, and You!

Sunday, October 26 – Grace, Work Problems, and You!

Sunday, November 2 – Grace, Gluttony, and You!

Sunday, November 9 – Grace, Physical Infirmities, and You!

Friday, November 14 – Saturday, November 15 – IRBC College Retreat: Reboot (speaking in three sessions)

Sunday, November 16 – Our Mission: Seeing the BIG Picture
Harvest Dinner

Sunday, November 23 – Baptism Sunday!

Sunday, November 30 – BMM Missionary, Andy Scott

Sunday, December 7 – Sunday, December 28 – Four Part Sermon Series entitled, “Incarnation: When God Became Flesh”:
The Promise of His Coming
The Problems Surrounding His Coming
The Praise at His Coming
The Prayer After His Coming

Sunday, January 4 – “New Beginnings: Same Spouse, Different Marriage”

Sunday, January 11 – BMM Missionary, Rick Fessel

Sunday, January 18 – Launching of a sermon series entitled, “Our Vision”

Prairie Flower, pray. We have a lot of ground to cover in the next several months. Can’t wait!!

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