Growth Groups

Below you will find the organization of our brand new Growth Groups. I truly believe that God will use this new discipleship format to bless our church. Please keep in mind that from here on out we will rely upon “recruitment” to build our Growth Groups. That is to say, we will not have any more sign up sheets for this discipleship program. So if you want someone to be a part of your Growth Group…ask them…recruit them! Remember…Growth Groups is for everyone!

Each of these Growth Groups will be meeting on Sunday, October 26 at 6 PM. The meeting place of each individual Growth Group is listed below.

Growth Group #1:
Pastor Dave and Heather Cotner (Growth Group Leader)
Mike York
Bill and Linda Fiordelise
Edwin and Rita Luers
Mary Case
Gertie Loder
Linda Grice
*Meeting at the Pastor’s house at 121 North Avenue C in Washington

Growth Group #2:
Klint and Kendra Gingerich (Growth Group Leader)
Tim and Sarah Wilbanks
John and Jackie Morgan
Janine Rosien
Shelley Klingel
Erin Bower
*Meeting at the Gingerich’s house at 1317 Locust Avenue in Kalona

Growth Group #3:
Zach and Beth Shepherd (Growth Group Leader)
Bob and Carli Robison
Steve and Bonnie Donnolly
Dillon and Bailey Gingerich
Will and Melissa Luers
*Meeting at the Shepherd’s house at 103 East 15th Street in Washington

Growth Group #4:
Steve and Cheryl Bohn (Growth Group Leader)
Marion and Christine Hayes
Jason and Elisabeth Tinnes
Rosemary Luers
Braden Carroll
*Meeting at the Bohn’s house at 804 South 15th Avenue in Washington

Growth Group #5:
Brian and Nancy Wilson (Growth Group Leader)
Ron and Kay Gates
Darwin and Lori Carroll
Wayne and Julie Zieser
Judy Wolf
*Meeting at the Wilson’s house at 1745 200th Street in West Chester

Growth Group #6:
Doug and Julie Tinnes (Growth Group Leader)
Steve and Andi Klein
Matt and Sarah Latcham
Greg and Veronica Dunbar
Arlena Tinnes
*Meeting at Doug Tinnes’ house at 1469 190th Street in Keota

Growth Group #7:
Mark and Cheryl Tinnes (Growth Group Leader)
Craig and Ila Capps
Duane and Susan Davis
Bill and Kim Gatchel
Jim and Jan Rosien
*Meeting at Mark Tinnes’ house at 1220 190th Street in Keota

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