NEW Sermon Series Schedule

We just exited an exciting 16-week sermon series in which we dug deep into God’s Word and really explored what it means to be a people on a mission. But we still have people to see…places to go…and study/work to be done! Below you will find our NEW sermon series schedule for the next twelve months:

Sunday, November 30 – BMM Missionary, Andy Scott

Sunday, December 7 – The Promise of His Coming

Sunday, December 14 – The Problems Surrounding His Coming

Sunday, December 21 – The Praise at His Coming

Sunday, December 28 – The Prayers After His Coming

Sunday, January 4 – IRBC Spotlight, Jason Reynolds

Sunday, January 11 – BMM Missionary, Rick Fessel

Sunday, January 18 – Sunday, May 31 – Launching of a 16-week sermon series entitled, “Our Vision: Defining the Dream”…
This will primarily be a book study through the book of Nehemiah. Also, please be advised, we will have four distinct Sundays (i.e. Feb. 8, May 10, May 17, and May 24) where we will suspend our current sermon series in order to accommodate for two missionary speakers and our very own pastoral intern, Jon Rocha!

June 2015 – August 2015 – Launching of our summer sermon series entitled, “Doctrine: What Really Matters”.
Here we will explore the ten major doctrines of Scripture and come to terms with what is truly important in the Christian life.

September 2015 – November 2015 – I am in prayer over two possible concepts…either a sermon series on some of the most pivotal chapters in the Bible (i.e. Genesis 1-11) or a fall series entitled, “Flannel Graph Christianity: Demolishing Your Childhood Fantasy”…
The second option (i.e. Flannel Graph Christianity) would be a sermon series on some of the most popular stories in the Bible (i.e. the stories we tell our children in Sunday School). In this series, we would tell the real (raw, unedited) version of each of these real life stories and demonstrate that the Bible is NOT a book of fairy tales and fables, but it presents real, raw material that challenges the heart AND mind!

December 2015 – In this season of advent, we will explore ramifications of the incarnation to our real lives today!

A Quick Word on Our Sermon Series and Winter Cancellations:

Winter is upon us! Inevitably, there will be certain Sundays where we will have to cancel church services because of the weather. However, the sermon series must go on! Thus, if we have a cancellation of services, I will be preaching to a faceless congregation on the Monday or Tuesday after the Sunday cancellation. That is to say, we will post the next sermon in our series online and via the app for you to listen to during that particular week. Therefore, the next time we meet together, we will pick up with the very next sermon in our series and keep moving forward without skipping a beat.

Prairie Flower, let this schedule encourage you. Yes, God is sovereign and He can intervene and change these plans at any time, but that does not negate my responsibility as pastor-teacher to plan and lead the way into the future. Please be in prayer for me, for you, and for our church at large. Also, please invite your friends and family to the services here…the gospel will always be on full display and we would LOVE to have them here. May God be glorified as we learn and grow together in 2015!

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