Below you will find a youtube video of Wayne Grudem (Professor at Phoenix Seminary) giving a lecture on the importance of theology (i.e. doctrine). Why is theology important? His answer is stunningly simple: Lest we be destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Prairie Flower, why do I preach and teach on doctrine for 13 weeks this summer? Answer: Lest you be destroyed…carried about with every wind of doctrine…and sink in your sins and think you’ve found ultimate joy. This is why theology matters. This is why I will always teach you good, strong, biblical theology. Check out the video below: 

#PFBC #DoctrineMatters

Why Theology Is Important

2 thoughts on “Why Theology Is Important

  1. What a powerful portion of scripture! So true today, as well, “The people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge. NO knowledge of God.” Oh, may we at Prairie Flower be found faithful in sharing the knowledge of God – we can’t share it if we don’t know it! As Pastor reminded us last week READ God’s Word! Kay Gates

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