The Supreme Court & So-Called Same Sex Marriage

A few thoughts (and resources) on the Supreme Court’s recent decision to legalize so-called same sex marriage:

1) God was not surprised by their ruling…we shouldn’t be either. Shock and surprise are inappropriate reactions for the believer who truly understands that our God is sovereign and in complete control over every government and ordinance of man (cf. Rom. 13:1-7). Only sadness (and righteous anger) over the institutionalization and celebration of sin should be the reactions of a true believer in regards to the Supreme Court’s ruling.

2) Grace and truth. Truth in love. It’s such a delicate balance as we communicate the truth and hope of the Gospel in a culture of supposed tolerance. Communicate the Gospel truthfully. Communicate the Gospel lovingly.

3) Remember…loving does not mean accepting and non-accepting does not mean hating. Don’t believe the cultural lie around you. For many of you, the Supreme Court’s decision will unveil the idol of your heart – approval. You crave it. You desire it. You want people to like you…to accept and approve of your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. However, sometimes standing firm on the truth will make you unlikable and unapproved by your culture. Are you willing to be unpopular because of your stand on the truth?

4) If you’re a Christian, and you don’t know where you stand on the issue of homosexuality and so-called same sex-marriage (two separate issues), then do some research. The world knows where they stand…we definitely need to know. Whether we like it or not, to redefine marriage is to redefine the Gospel (Eph. 5). This issue has significant ramifications. Know where you stand and why you stand there.

5) The fight for biblical marriage is NOT the ultimate battleground…the Gospel of Jesus Christ is where the ultimate fight takes place. Again, to redefine marriage is to redefine the Gospel. In other words, according to Ephesians 5, the man in marriage symbolizes Christ and the woman in marriage symbolizes the Church. The man is to love his wife like Christ loved the Church. And the woman is to submit to her man like the Church submits to Christ. Jesus did not love Himself by means of dying for Himself as is showcased in a supposed marriage between a man and a man. Neither does the Church submit to itself as is portrayed in a woman and a woman in a supposed marriage. No, Jesus loved the Church so much that He died for the Church; and out of gratefulness for all that Jesus did, we (the Church) willingly and joyfully submit ourselves to Christ. Jesus’ relationship with the Church can only be portrayed in a monogamous, heterosexual marriage. So-called same sex marriage destroys this picture…it dismantles the picture of the Gospel. Thus, a Christian cannot accept so-called same sex marriage and expect to stand firm on the Gospel.

6) PFBC, the issue of so-called same sex marriage, and the institutionalization of it, should be approached seriously, not apocalyptically. The sky is not falling. God still reigns supreme over every government and ordinance of man. Our ultimate hope is found in Christ and in the fact that He is the immutable, sovereign God of the Universe. Our hope is not found in America’s revival, a certain political party in power, the 2016 Presidential election, new laws, etc. Our hope is found in Christ alone who reigns supreme.

For more help and insight on how to process homosexuality and so-called same sex marriage, see the blog and audio link below:

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