A Most Difficult, Beautiful Topic: Marriage and Family

This past week I have had the privilege of being the special speaker at IRBC’s Family Camp 3. During the evenings, I have walked through the biblical model of marriage and family with the campers here. I entitled the mini-series, “A Most Difficult, Beautiful Topic”. If you are interested in listening to this intensely relevant series, please visit IRBC’s website at http://www.irbc.org/downloads-links/mp3-messag-es/.

Enjoy and God bless!

One thought on “A Most Difficult, Beautiful Topic: Marriage and Family

  1. This series is truly life changing, and every person needs to listen to it . Do not wait! Thank you for having the courage to share this series with us at family camp. It has radically changed how we view our roles in marriage in accordance with scripture. One of the nightly challenges was to pick a marriage life verse. We chose Ephesians 4:31-32. I hope we have the blessing of hearing you again!

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