Annual Member’s Meeting – Agenda Items

Our Annual Member’s Meeting is slotted for Sunday, January 10, 2016. This meeting will take place immediately after our Morning Worship Service and Potluck Fellowship. Below you will find the agenda items for this meeting:

  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Call Meeting to Order
  3. Reading of Minutes
  4. Reports from Officers
    • Lead Pastor’s Report
    • Associate Pastor’s Report
    • Deacon’s Report
  5. Update Membership Roll Via Vote
  6. Report on Constitutional Revisions and Explanation of the Constitution Review Team
  7. Presentation and Vote on the 2016 IRBC Scholarship Program
  8. Acceptance of the 2015 Financial Report
  9. Vote on the 2016 Missions Budget
  10. Presentation of the 2016 Church Budget
  11. Vote on the Proposed 2016 Lead and Associate Pastor’s Salaries
  12. Miscellaneous Items
    • Child Protection Policy Update – Pastor Jon
    • Children’s Church Change – Pastor Jon
    • New Members Class Update – Pastor Jon
    • The Prayer Chain – Pastor Dave
  13. Miscellaneous Committee Reports
  14. Adjournment

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Four Thoughts on Christmas

Christmas Time 2015

Christmas time is such a wonderful time of the year. In fact, it’s my favorite time of the year. So much to look forward to…the Christmas tree, lights, decorations, fantastic food, Christmas movies, and (of course) great time with family. So many precious memories are created during this season. For all these reasons (and more), I LOVE Christmas!

However, there is a certain occurrence that happens this time of year that is particularly unnerving to me. That is to say, there is such anticipation and buildup to December 25th that inevitably (even for us Christians) there is a tinge of disappointment that follows every Christmas. It’s almost like we were expecting so much more and didn’t get it…or we did so much in preparation for Christmas Day and it’s here and then gone. It seems that after every Christmas we are left disappointed, let down, and looking for more. Can you empathize with me?

So what do we do? How do we approach Christmas without experiencing the shocking tinge of dissatisfaction afterwards? Here are some pastoral thoughts to help:

  1. Don’t expect your decorations, gifts, and food to accomplish more than they can handle. Some of you are expecting these inanimate objects to bring people together, bind up old wounds, and to bring you (and others) certain joy. Such objects were never meant to bear such a weight of responsibility! Decorations, gifts, and food can facilitate togetherness, but they can’t create it…they can aid in binding up old wounds, but only true forgiveness (extended and received) can actually do this…such items can bring a smile to your face, but only Jesus Christ (the reason for the season…cliché, but true) can bring true joy to your soul.
  2. Don’t require certain people to emote or respond in certain ways. It is entirely likely that your children will not be grateful for their presents. Don’t burn their gifts as punishment…practice forgiveness instead. It’s quite possible that you will ruin your roast and not meet your high standards of perfection when it comes to that meal. Don’t get frustrated…practice versatility instead. Your spouse or loved one may not have picked up on your very obvious hints in terms of a Christmas present. Don’t punish them with cold stares and snarky comments…practice true love instead. Impossible? No. Just read 1 Corinthians 13 and Philippians 2:1-11.
  3. Do focus on the One that matters most this Christmas season. Jesus Christ left the splendors of Heaven to become a baby in the womb of Mary. He was born in a humble setting, placed in a feeding trough, and was raised in one of the poorest sections of the Middle East – Nazareth. At the age of 30, He began His public ministry of preaching, teaching, and healing the sick. After a perfectly sinless life, He was executed by order of Pontius Pilate on a Roman cross. On that cross, He died. He was then buried, and three days later, He arose from the dead! Don’t ever tire of this story…it’s the ultimate reason we celebrate Christmas…and it’s the only story that (if believed) can save your life.
  4. Remember we look back in order to look forward. In other words, Christmas gives to you an opportunity to look back at the first coming of Jesus in order to build within you an excitement for His future Second Coming. Yes, He’s coming back! The first time Jesus came, He came as the meek and mild. But the next time He comes, He will come as the victorious King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Christmas leaving you hungry and thirsty for more? Look back in gratefulness and look forward in hope and anticipation!

PFBC: Prayer List #10

The following list of prayer requests can be prayed for in your own “quiet time” with the Lord, in your own family worship time, or in a small group setting (i.e. Growth Groups). Please keep the following requests in your prayers:

Rachel Aubrecht – Pray for Rachel’s grandma who is battling many different health issues right now.

Carl Benson – PRAISE THE LORD! Carl was approved for disability benefits…pray that this goes through without any complications.

The Capps Family – Pray for Craig and Ila’s son, Shane, as he just accepted Jesus Christ as his own personal Lord and Savior. Please pray that he is discipled well at his church and that he overcomes the many temptations in his life.

Micah Carroll – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Mary Case – Pray for Mary in regards to her eye sight and overall health.

Tonnie Crile – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Susan Davis – Pray for Susan and her brother that God would give to them wisdom as they seek a long-term care solution for their ailing parents.

Tracy Fagen – Pray for Tracy’s daughter (Jamie) and her husband that they would come to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Also, please pray for Tracy’s son (Jeff) and his wife that they would grow in their Christian faith. Tracy would also like prayers for her three grandchildren: Andre, Blake, and Landon.

Rick Fields – Pray for Rick as he battles ongoing health problems. Also, pray for Rick’s son, Dillon, who was just recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 22.

Bill Fiordelise – Pray for Bill as he recovers from neck surgery.

Steve and Diana Fordham – Pray for Steve and Diana as they battle many different health problems.

Joe Goodlander – Pray for Joe and his overall health.

Marcy Juniper – Pray for Marcy’s son, JJ, as he serves in the military.

Matt Latcham – Please pray for Matt’s mother who is battling cancer.

Rhonda Reed – Pray for Rhonda’s mother, Jean Sampson, and her overall health.

Jim Rosien –  Please pray for Jim as he undergoes infusion to remove the cancer from his brain.

Danica Smith – Pray for Danica’s mom, Joanne, as she recovers from a massive heart attack. Also, please keep Danica’s father, Jeff, in your prayers as he ministers to his ailing wife.

Arlena Tinnes – Pray for Arlena as she continues to battle lung cancer by means of chemotherapy.

Doug Tinnes – Pray for Doug’s friend, Ed, that he would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Also, continue to pray for Doug and Julie’s grandson as he battles health issues.

Michaela Tinnes – Please pray for Michaela’s friends, the Helm family, as they grieve the loss of their mother.

Judy Wolf – Pray for Judy’s daughter (Sandi) as she continues to battle cancer in her lower body. Sandi does not know Christ and so prayers for her salvation are also needed. Also, please pray for Judy’s granddaughter (Maddie) who is slowly going blind. She too does not know the Lord and prayers for her health and salvation are greatly appreciated. Also, please pray for Judy’s great-granddaughter (Errin) who is recovering from heart surgery…Errin is just 3 years old.

Mike York – Please pray for Mike’s wife, Becky, as she is struggling with tendonitis.

Julie Zieser – Please continue to pray for Julie as she evaluates different holistic approaches to fight her cancer.

PFBC Leadership Team – Pray for your Lead Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Deacons that God would grant to us wisdom, discernment, and vision as we enter 2016.

Our Church – Pray that we would continue to see people saved, baptized, and added to our church.

Our Visitors – Pray for our many visitors that continue to come to PFBC. Pray that God would work in their hearts and lives. Pray that God would grow our church numerically and spiritually.

Our Missionaries – Pray for our many supported missionaries that God would grant to them success as they preach the Gospel of Peace.

Our Country – Please pray for our country and our upcoming election in 2016.

Please Note: We will periodically update this prayer list. If you would like a prayer request to be added to this list, please let Pastor Dave or Pastor Jon know. Thank you!

2016 Youth Spring Schedule

Plan Ahead #2

This last summer and fall, I had a blast getting to know and disciple the teens in our church; and I am looking forward to continuing that in the Spring of 2016. With this schedule, please note two things:

  1. These dates should always be penciled into your calendar. Last year we were fortunate to only have one change in the schedule, but please keep in mind that events are subject to change when dealing with weather, reservations, and school schedules.
  2. There are more details to follow. This is just the road map for the spring of 2016. I always try to put an announcement in the bulletin and hand out a flier at least two weeks in advance. These fliers are given to your children in Sunday School, posted on the Bulletin Board, and (usually) laying on my desk. I will be sure to give you the who, what, where, and when of the activity that is coming!

With that being said, I am excited to post the proposed youth schedule for Spring 2016.


  • Movie Night                                           JAN 08-09
  • Meltdown @ IRBC ($60)                FEB 12-14
  • Family Night                                          MAR 04-05
  • Lock-in ($5)                                            APR (date unknown)
  • Boy’s Camp Out                                     MAY 06 – 07
  • Girl’s Sleepover                                    MAY 06 – 07

Youth Program

REAL is our Sunday Night Youth Discipleship Program. We discuss different aspects of a REAL Christian walk (i.e. REAL Faith, REAL Grace, REAL Love). We will be meeting at the church from 5-7 PM on these dates and food is provided.

  • JAN – 10, 17, 24
  • FEB – 07, 14, 21
  • MAR – 06, 13, 20
  • APR – 10, 17, 24
  • MAY – 01

*These dates coincide with the AWANA schedule.

We will break for the month of May and will pick up a summer program at the beginning of June. I am looking forward to a great spring!

Pastor Jon