How Faith Baptist Bible College Prepared Us For Ministry

Dave and Jon #1

Life is better with a buddy. Life is sweeter with a friend. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to engage in team ministry with Pastor Jon Rocha. We have already experienced so much together…and both of us are incredibly grateful for how Faith Baptist Bible College (our alma mater) prepared us for life and ministry.

In preparation for an advertisement that our alma mater is doing on us, we were required to get some photos of us taken (which was tons of fun) and prepare short statements on how Faith prepared us for life and ministry. This is what we had to say:

Pastor Dave’s Statement: Everyone has a certain set of lenses on when it comes to processing people and events in life. The question is: What kind of lenses do you have on? Are they lenses of worldly wisdom or godly wisdom? At Faith Baptist Bible College (FBBC), I was equipped with the right set of eyewear to minister effectively in a quickly changing, complex world.

We have people in our churches who are hurting because of sin and selfishness. In my short time in the pastorate, I have already witnessed the devastation of infidelity, drug abuse, incest, porn, and divorce. We have people in our pews that struggle daily with depression, anxiety, fear, and loneliness. In our churches, we have marriage strife, parenting turmoil, and work complications. You can literally go from preparing a sermon on a Tuesday afternoon to actively engaging in intense crisis counseling. This is life. This is ministry. And life and ministry come at you fast and you better be rightly equipped!

At FBBC, I was given some spectacles with the right prescription, namely, biblical, Christ-exalting, God-glorifying lenses! I am beyond grateful for my education at FBBC because I was equipped for more than ministry…I was equipped for life.

Pastor Jon’s Statement: Faith was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned much about God and His Word at Faith, and He has used many of those same things to help me be successful in my ministry here at Prairie Flower. It would take me longer than you would like to describe all the ways Faith has prepared me, so I’ll just give my top two.

The first thing that God used was the teaching staff. The teachers at Faith are a huge help, both inside and outside of the classroom. They are willing to discuss hard topics in class, stay after class, or even meet up later in order to help me learn and understand. They are godly, smart, and personable people who have a ton of experience in their fields. I am truly thankful for them.

The second thing that God used was the abundance of opportunities. There are many different ways to get involved in extra-curricular activities. While at Faith, I was able to be involved in a local church, help with campus activities, go to special events, play basketball, and meet tons of people (including my wife, my best friend, and my, now, head pastor) that will forever impact my life. Again, it was truly one of the best things God ever brought into my life.

Prairie Flower, we both find it an incredible privilege and true joy to shepherd your hearts and lives. Thank you for giving to us this immense privilege. We love you guys…we desire nothing but your growth in godliness and contentment…and (Lord willing) we’ll see you all soon. God bless!

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