Our New Articles of Faith

Last Sunday, April 24, during a Special Business Meeting of the church, we voted to adopt our recently revised Articles of Faith with a 91% approval from the congregation. What a joy it was to see our church take such a strong doctrinal stand in support of the truth and in opposition to error. As Lead Pastor of PFBC, I was especially thrilled to witness the incorporation of a statement on our belief concerning the Local Church and where our church stands in relation to Biblical Marriage. As the old Articles of Faith did not address these issues, it is now comforting and encouraging to know that we have very clear statements on these issues. Thank you, Prairie Flower, for standing on the Truth of God’s Word and standing there with conviction and great courage. I proudly stand there with you.

To view our newly revised and accepted Articles of Faith, please visit our website at http://www.prairieflowerbaptistchurch.org/#!our-beliefs/c1gdy.

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