Come. Take. Learn. Rest.


This Sunday, October 2, we will continue on in our current sermon series that we’ve entitled, “Worldly Wisdom VS Godly Wisdom”. In Round #3 of our series, we will examine the competing concepts of “me-time” vs “rest time”. We will discover that “me-time” merely relaxes you, but does not rest you, and ultimately leaves you still weary and exhausted. BUT Jesus Christ offers something better, namely, Himself and true rest. We’ll dive into Matthew 11:25-30 and feast our eyes on Jesus’ remarkable promise: “If you come…take…and learn from Me…I will give you rest”. Wow! What a precious promise! But who is it really that offers such a bold promise? Well, in a phrase, He’s the Sovereign-Shepherd of His sheep and He gives true rest to His lambs because He is all-powerful and all-good. Check out the video below (from Logos Bible Software) to remind yourself of the perfect character of the One who offers you true rest.

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