Trump VS Clinton: What’s Missing From Our Discussion…


At the time of this writing, we are t-minus three days before Election Day 2016 (AKA. Implosion of America Day). I am so conflicted. I am part excited, part nervous, hugely entertained, and hugely disappointed. Is this really the America we’ve become? What would George Washington or Abraham Lincoln say if they were alive today? I’m just still blown away by our two options for President of the United States: Donald John Trump VS Hillary Rodham Clinton. I’m unbelievably disturbed.

But at this point, most of our minds are made up in regards to the actions we’ll take in the voting booth. Like an adrenaline-filled game of Russian Roulette, we will spin the cylinder and pull the trigger, hoping the revolver simply clicks with no bang. Suspense. Risk-Taking. Danger. Some of us, however, have completely opted out of this crazy game, and will vote third party. Either way, on November 8th, we are all in for a wild, crazy ride. Pop the popcorn and get ready for a long night.

And in an attempt to educate myself in the godly, biblical response to this election season, I, like many of you, have read a ton of blog posts and listened to a dozen talking heads. For the most part, all that I’ve read and listened to has offered well-reasoned, well-researched, impassioned defenses of voting for either Donald Trump or a third party candidate. And though I feel like I’m extremely educated on the pros and cons of our voting options, I’m no less conflicted and slightly confused. Can I get a witness?

But here’s what seems to be missing from all of our discussions in relation to this election season…it’s not an in-depth discussion of Old and New Testament ethics…it’s not the sovereignty of God in world affairs…and it’s definently not a silent, but deafening, prayer for Jesus’ Second Coming before it’s the “end of the world as we know it”. It’s this..but God is good. That’s right. Our sovereign God, in complete control of every aspect of human affairs (to include this crazy election season) is good. Like morally good, not just aesthetically good. Yes, God, in giving to us Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as our two main options this election, has been morally good to us. Let that sink in for a moment…

This reality sank into my brain late last night while putting the kids to bed. I was reading from their kid’s devotional book on the life of Joseph and this was presented as the big idea: “God is good EVEN when life is scary.” Wow. Talk about truth! Indeed, God is good even when life is scary.

I mean think of Joseph’s life. When put into the pit by his jealousy-infused brothers, God was good. When sold to Potiphar in Egypt as a slave, God was good. When falsely accused by a lust-driven woman and then thrown into prison, God was good. In all these instances, God was sovereign in Joseph’s life AND good in Joseph’s life. God was not simply good at the end of Joseph’s life, when he’s lifted to a position of power and prominence as the second most important man in Egypt, no, God was good and gracious in every aspect of Joseph’s life. Yes, God is indeed good even when life is scary.

And the same is true with our two main choices for Election Day 2016. Our God has been so good to us. Yes, hard to understand, but all together true. If Clinton wins the election and becomes our 45th President, God is good. And vice versa, if Trump wins the election and becomes our new President, God is good – morally, aesthetically good to all of us. We may not know the end of the immediate story (i.e. Election Day 2016 and America), but we do know the end of the ultimate story (i.e. the end of world history). And in the end, God wins because God is ultimately good.

So, it’s three days to Election Day and the pivotal moment of us casting our ballots. What do we do? Well, many things, but in the midst of it all, hear the Word of the Lord: “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever” (Ps. 118:1). Give thanks to God as you approach November 8th because God has been so good (and loving) to us. And as you cast your ballot this Tuesday, make this your parting prayer: “You [Oh, LORD God] are good and do good; teach me your statutes” (Ps. 119:68).

Yes, this is where we land the plane in this blog post, namely, on the tarmac of praise and worship of a sovereign, good God. What a good place to land! How comforting. How extremely hope-filled! So I plead with you, stop fixating and obsessing over the trash can in the middle of the room and look up! Yes, up…and feast your eyes on the chandelier of God’s goodness and grace. We’ll take the trash out later…

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