Growth Groups 2017


Hey there Prairie Flower,

Pastor Jon here! We have started a brand new series entitled, We R The Church. You know what that means, Growth Groups are here again. They will start meeting on Sunday, January 15th and run through Sunday, March 26th. A Growth Group is a great tool that God can use to help you grow in your walk with Him. Briefly, here are three of the many benefits to joining a Growth Group:

  • Better Understanding – Every week, questions are given to the groups in order to guide them through a time of contemplation and discussion. These questions are crafted around the sermon from the morning worship service. This means you can develop a better understanding of the topic you have just learned about and how it practically affects your life
  • Deeper Fellowship – Pastor Dave often says that fellowship is more than just a quarterly potluck. With that in mind, every time you meet with your group, you have an opportunity to experience deeper fellowship as your group works through the rich truths of God’s Word together. Then members of the group share with one another how those truths can change their lives. Also, every time the Group meets there is a time of sharing and prayer.
  • Added Accountability – As fellowship gets deeper, so do relationships with fellow Growth Groupers. This means that there are more people in your life to hold accountable and will keep you accountable as well. That sounds scary at first; but that added layer of accountability could be just what you need to keep your walk with Christ headed down the right path.

Again, these are just three of the many reasons to get involved in a Growth Group; but don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself! If you are not part of a Growth Group, and would like to be, please see either Pastor Dave or myself. You may also indicate your desire to be in a Growth Group via a Connect Card on any given Sunday.

Below is our revised, current groupings:

Growth Group #1:

  • Eldon and Phyllis Yoder (Growth Group Leader)
  • Craig and Ila Capps
  • Duane and Susan Davis
  • Rick Fields
  • Bill and Linda Fiordelise
  • Linda Grice
  • Edwin and Rita Luers
  • Mike York

Growth Group #1 will meet in the Church Library at 6 PM each Sunday.

Growth Group #2:

  • Steve and Bonnie Donnolly (Growth Group Leader)
  • Erin Bower
  • Jess Caster
  • Michael and Kira Fikes
  • Will and Melissa Luers
  • Brent and Tori Lybarger
  • Jesse and Sarah Neitzel
  • Zach and Beth Shepherd

Growth Group #2 will meet at Steve Donnolly’s home (821 South 15th Ave in Washington) at 6 PM each Sunday.

Growth Group #3:

  • Dillon and Bailey Gingerich (Growth Group Leader)
  • Steve and Diana Fordham
  • Klint and Kendra Gingerich
  • John and Jackie Morgan
  • Jan Rosien
  • Brian and Nancy Wilson

Growth Group #3 will meet in the Church Fellowship Hall immediately after the Morning Worship Service each Sunday.

Growth Group/Bible Study #4:

  • Doug and Julie Tinnes (Growth Group Leader)
  • Bill and Evelyn Brown
  • Matt and Sarah Latcham
  • Rosanne Latcham
  • Milo Luers
  • Arlena Tinnes
  • Mark and Cheryl Tinnes

Growth Group/Bible Study #4 will meet at the home of Arlena Tinnes (404 North Davis Street in Keota) at 6 PM each Sunday.

Growth Group #5:

  • Greg and Veronica Dunbar (Growth Group Leader)
  • Mike and Christina Boos
  • Pastor Dave and Heather Cotner
  • Jerry and Pam Dunbar
  • Ron and Kay Gates
  • Pastor Jon and Julia Rocha
  • Judy Wolf

Growth Group #5 will meet at the home of Greg Dunbar (700 S. 6th Ave in Washington) at 5 PM each Sunday.

Growth Group #6:

  • Will and Lisa Van Der Molen (Growth Group Leader)
  • Steve and Cheryl Bohn
  • John Hardt
  • Marion and Christine Hayes
  • Rosemary Luers
  • Janine Rosien
  • Jason and Elisabeth Tinnes

Growth Group #6 will meet at the Walker Seed Shed (1575 W. 5thStreet in Washington) immediately after the Morning Worship Service each Sunday.

Also, if are not on this list (and should be), please forgive us for this unintentional oversight.

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