Guess How Much I Love You?

Love 4

I truly love being a dad. God has blessed me with two wonderful children – a girl named Ann-Marie and a little boy named David. Indeed, this role of fatherhood has to be one of the sweetest, most satisfying roles I’ve ever had. Yes, some days are rough and filled with disciplinary actions, but overall, I truly love what I do as a dad.

Often, I will gather up my children into my arms and ask them this simple, yet extremely important question: “Guess how much I love you?” This question is usually met with giggles, smiles, and then a big hug, followed with the words, “This much!” as they try to squeeze the life out of me with their tiny, yet powerful arms. “Yes”, I’ll respond, “Daddy loves you very, very much.”

My children know that I love them. They’ve experienced it…they sense it…they feel it… And I love that they know (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that I love them so very much.

But as much as I love my children, God, our Heavenly Father, loves them more. He loves them with an infinitely pure love that is not contingent upon their merits or behavior. Indeed, God. loves. you. Let those words wash over you and comfort you: God. loves. you. How do I know God loves you? Let me present eight evidences (in no particular order) of God’s matchless, majestic love for you:

  1. He knows the very number of hairs on your head…some of you have little…some of you have lots, but God knows your exact number because God loves you (Luke 12:7).
  2. He hears your prayers…you might have prayed that prayer a hundred billion times, but He hears those prayers and He will respond (in His own way and in His own time) because God loves you (Ps. 116:1).
  3. He sees every tear you shed…you may cry them in the dead of night…you might cry them when no one else is around, but God counts every tear you shed because God loves you (Ps. 56:8).
  4. He supplies all of your needs…you will never lack for anything that you truly need…If you need it, God will provide it. Why? Because God loves you (Phil. 4:19).
  5. He has given to you His perfect Word. Think about that! God has revealed Himself to you in His own words…amazing! We’ll talk more about this topic this Sunday, but for now just know that God has given to you His Word…because God loves you (2 Tim. 3:16-17).
  6. He has made a beautiful world for you to enjoy and praise Him in. From the beautiful sunrises to the stars at night, God has given to you all of this beauty in order to glorify Himself, and for your joy, because God loves you (Ps. 19:1ff).
  7. He has given to you eternal life (by grace through faith) and you will be kept saved and safe to the very end. What God has given to you in Christ Jesus will never be taken from you! Once you are saved, you are always saved because God loves you (John 10:28, John 6:39-40).
  8. He longs to see you face to face. Yes, for the believer, death is not the end, but simply the beginning of new, eternal life with Jesus (our Lord, God, King, and Savior) in the realms of Glory. You long to see your precious Jesus face to face, and He longs to see you face to face. Why? Because God loves you (Ps. 116:15).

God. loves. you. How much does God love you? Well, do you really have to guess?

PFBC: Prayer List #26


The following list of prayer requests can be prayed for in your own quiet time with the Lord, in your own family worship time, or in Growth Groups. Please keep the following requests in your prayers:

Rachel Aubrecht – Please pray for Rachel’s home church, Gospel Light Baptist Church, as they seek a new Senior Pastor. Also, please pray for Rachel and her pregnancy.

Ise Beinhart – Please pray for this young child as she battles severe health issues.

Carl Benson – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Mike Boos – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Evelyn Brown – Please pray for Evelyn and her overall health.

Ray Cooper – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Susan Davis – Please continue to pray for Susan’s father, Chester, that he would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Veronica Dunbar – Please pray for Veronica’s friend’s grandbaby, Brilee, as this baby struggles with her breathing and other health complications.

Greg Dunbar – Please lift up in prayer Greg’s mom, Debbie, who is struggling with cancer and is fighting it by means of radiation.

Jason Feuerbach – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Rick Fields – Pray for Rick and his overall health.

Steve and Diana Fordham – Pray for Steve and Diana as they battle many different health issues.

Ron Gates – Please pray for Ron as he recovers from open heart surgery and as he goes through physical therapy.

The Goodlanders – Pray for the Goodlanders and their overall health.

John Hardt – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Gayle Hendricks – Please pray for Gayle as her mother, Carol, just passed away.

Matt Latcham – Please pray for Matt’s mother, Linda, who is battling cancer.

Verla Lewis – Please pray for Verla and her many health complications.

Sonya Love-Smith – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Edwin Luers – Please pray for Edwin’s part-time employee, Wilfred Miller, and his salvation.

Brent and Tori Lybarger – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Adele McPike – Please pray for Adele and her overall health.

Jackie Morgan – Please lift up in prayer Jackie’s friend, Sam, as she continues to grieve the passing of her brother and grandmother.

Arlena Tinnes – Please continue to pray for healing and strength as Arlena battles cancer.

Doug and Julie Tinnes – Please continue to pray for Doug and Julie’s grandson, Josiah, as he recovers from heart surgery.

Nancy Wilson – Please pray for Nancy’s nephew, Nick Duvall, and his wife, Leslie, as their baby boy named Pierce has stage 3 liver cancer. Please pray for healing and strength.

Judy Wolf –Pray for Judy’s son, Todd, who is in poor health and needs healing. Please pray for Todd’s salvation as well. Pray too for Judy’s great-granddaughter, Errin, who has a heart implant and other health complications.

Phyllis Yoder – Please pray that Phyllis is able to “touch some life for Jesus” as she walks down the pathway of cancer.

Mike York – Please pray for Mike’s wife, Becky, as she is struggling with some knee pain.

Heather Zieglowsky – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Our Community – Please pray that we, as a church, would be bold with the Gospel and reach out to our community with the love of Jesus.

Our Church – Please pray for our church as we move forward with purchasing new land/building.

Our Leadership Team – Pray for our Lead Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Deacons that God would grant to them wisdom, discernment, vision, and unity. Pray too for our Summer Intern, Lance Lewis, who will be coming to PFBC from May 14 – August 6.

Our Missionaries – Please pray for our many supported missionaries as they serve all over the world.

Our Country – Please pray for President Trump and Vice President Pence as they lead our country over these next four years.

Please Note: We update this prayer list monthly. If you would like a prayer request to be added to this list, please let Pastor Dave or Pastor Jon know. Thank you!

Easter on the Prairie 2017

Easter 2017

Prairie Flower members and friends, be sure to use this image to invite all of your family and friends to our Easter Celebration Service at PFBC this Sunday, April 16th. They can come to either the 8:30 AM service or our service at 10:15 AM. Simply screenshot the above image (or just share the blog link) and post it to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. As you do, please be sure to use the hashtags #PraiseTheKing, #PFBC, and #PrairieStrong. Also, be sure to bathe both of our Easter services in earnest, passionate prayer.

Quarterly Meeting: Agenda Items (4-9-17)


This Sunday, April 9, we will have our Quarterly Meeting immediately after our Food Fellowship. If you are a church member, you are strongly encouraged to be in attendance. Below are the agenda items for this meeting:

  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Devotional and Opening Prayer – Pastor Jon
  3. Reading of Minutes
  4. Acceptance of Financial Report
  5. Missions Escrow Release: Grenada Team (Church Vote)
  6. Lead Pastor Items:
    • Easter 2017
    • Summer Intern
    • Land/Building
  7. Associate Pastor Items
  8. Old and New Business (If Any)
  9. Closing Prayer – Klint Gingerich
  10. Adjournment