Guess How Much I Love You?

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I truly love being a dad. God has blessed me with two wonderful children – a girl named Ann-Marie and a little boy named David. Indeed, this role of fatherhood has to be one of the sweetest, most satisfying roles I’ve ever had. Yes, some days are rough and filled with disciplinary actions, but overall, I truly love what I do as a dad.

Often, I will gather up my children into my arms and ask them this simple, yet extremely important question: “Guess how much I love you?” This question is usually met with giggles, smiles, and then a big hug, followed with the words, “This much!” as they try to squeeze the life out of me with their tiny, yet powerful arms. “Yes”, I’ll respond, “Daddy loves you very, very much.”

My children know that I love them. They’ve experienced it…they sense it…they feel it… And I love that they know (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that I love them so very much.

But as much as I love my children, God, our Heavenly Father, loves them more. He loves them with an infinitely pure love that is not contingent upon their merits or behavior. Indeed, God. loves. you. Let those words wash over you and comfort you: God. loves. you. How do I know God loves you? Let me present eight evidences (in no particular order) of God’s matchless, majestic love for you:

  1. He knows the very number of hairs on your head…some of you have little…some of you have lots, but God knows your exact number because God loves you (Luke 12:7).
  2. He hears your prayers…you might have prayed that prayer a hundred billion times, but He hears those prayers and He will respond (in His own way and in His own time) because God loves you (Ps. 116:1).
  3. He sees every tear you shed…you may cry them in the dead of night…you might cry them when no one else is around, but God counts every tear you shed because God loves you (Ps. 56:8).
  4. He supplies all of your needs…you will never lack for anything that you truly need…If you need it, God will provide it. Why? Because God loves you (Phil. 4:19).
  5. He has given to you His perfect Word. Think about that! God has revealed Himself to you in His own words…amazing! We’ll talk more about this topic this Sunday, but for now just know that God has given to you His Word…because God loves you (2 Tim. 3:16-17).
  6. He has made a beautiful world for you to enjoy and praise Him in. From the beautiful sunrises to the stars at night, God has given to you all of this beauty in order to glorify Himself, and for your joy, because God loves you (Ps. 19:1ff).
  7. He has given to you eternal life (by grace through faith) and you will be kept saved and safe to the very end. What God has given to you in Christ Jesus will never be taken from you! Once you are saved, you are always saved because God loves you (John 10:28, John 6:39-40).
  8. He longs to see you face to face. Yes, for the believer, death is not the end, but simply the beginning of new, eternal life with Jesus (our Lord, God, King, and Savior) in the realms of Glory. You long to see your precious Jesus face to face, and He longs to see you face to face. Why? Because God loves you (Ps. 116:15).

God. loves. you. How much does God love you? Well, do you really have to guess?

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