As Our Summer Intern Arrives…


This Sunday, May 14th, begins our Summer Intern’s 12-week internship at Prairie Flower Baptist Church! Our Intern this year is Lance Lewis and he has just completed his sophomore year at Faith Baptist Bible College (FBBC). This internship is a part of his pastoral training requirements at FBBC and we are most privileged to have him on the Prairie Flower Team this summer. In fact, Pastor Jon and I are very excited at the opportunity to mentor, coach, and train a future fellow pastor. As our Summer Intern arrives (and even as his internship plays out over the summer), please consider doing the following to help him in his endeavors to be a future pastor:

  1. Pray – The most effective thing you can do to help mold and shape our Summer Intern is to pray for him. Pray that God would strengthen and empower him to do the work that he’s been given to do. Lance will be very busy this summer as he preaches, teaches, attends meetings, goes on visits, and basically is immersed in the full-orbed life of being a pastor. Pray that his calling to pastoral ministry is strengthened and solidified as he journeys with us this summer.
  2. Encourage – Lance will be (most of the time) outside of his comfort zone this summer. He will be stretched in unique ways and will be doing many things that he has never done before. All of this will make his internship exciting and exhausting. Thus, encourage our Intern verbally, or by way of written note or email, or even by just baking him some cookies or a pie. Our Intern will need much encouragement as he engages in pastoral ministry this summer and it should be a delight to give him this much needed encouragement.
  3. Critique – Yes, you read that correctly. Critique. But be sure that your critiques are constructive in nature and not cutting and demeaning in nature. Lance welcomes your thoughts and suggestions in terms of sermon improvement, pastoral care improvement, and leadership skills improvement. Be sure to offer insights, feedback, and manageable goals for him to work towards. This internship is meant to set him up for great success as a future pastor. So, all of your loving critiques would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Invite – Lance will be with us from May 14 – August 6. During this time frame, we would encourage you to have him in your home for a meal. There is a sign-up sheet located in the church foyer and we encourage you to sign up to host Lance in your home. This is a great way for you to connect with our Summer Intern and to get to know him better. Personally, I think you will really enjoy getting to know Lance, his background, and his future goals.

Prairie Flower, it’s a privilege to have a Summer Intern. Let’s be sure to treat him right and welcome him warmly. As he ministers among us, be sure to pray for him, encourage him, lovingly critique him, and invite him to your home. All of this (by God’s grace) will play out for Lance’s good, our good, and God’s great glory.



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