Quarterly Meeting: Agenda Items (10-8-17)


Below are the official agenda items for our Quarterly Meeting on Sunday, October 8th…

  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Devotional and Opening Prayer – Eldon Yoder
  3. Reading of Past Minutes
  4. Update Membership Roster (Voting Item)
  5. Acceptance of Financial Report
    • Anonymous Donation For New Sound Board (Voting Item)
  6. 2018 Summer Intern (Voting Item) – Intern Selection Process. Compensation Discussion. Overview of Duties and Responsibilities.
  7. Lead Pastor Items:
    • Ministry Connections – I am currently serving as an IARBC Council of 10 Member and IRBC Board Member.
    • Sermon Series Update – We R The Church. Thanksgiving Mini-Series. “An Orderly Account” – Christmas 2017.
    • Annual Election of Officers – Nomination Process Opens on Sunday, October 22nd and Closes on Sunday, November 5th. Annual Election of Officers will then take place on Sunday, December 3rd.
    • Constitution Review Team – Activated to review the REVISED Biblical Principles of Church Membership…
    • Land/Building Update – We have decided to pursue the purchase of land and building at a slower pace. We will continue to pray and seek godly counsel on this initiative doing everything we do with wisdom, vision, and courage.
  8. Associate Pastor Items:
    • Youth Group – Fall Schedule…
    • AWANA – 2017-2018 Curriculum…
    • Other Projects – Men’s Bible Study…
  9. Old and New Business (If Any)
  10. Closing Prayer – Mark Tinnes
  11. Adjournment

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