Prairie Flower’s Pastoral Internship Program 2018


Last Sunday (10-8-17), Prairie Flower Baptist Church (PFBC) unanimously voted to continue on with our Pastoral Internship Program for the Summer of 2018. This internship program is something that we did this past summer and we were incredibly blessed by the privilege of pouring into and discipling a future pastor, namely, Lance Lewis of Faith Baptist Bible College (FBBC). Indeed, Lance’s internship was good for him, good for us as a pastoral staff, and good for our church as a whole.

Our mission and vision at PFBC is to be a strong church that makes disciples for the glory of God. To that end, we firmly believe that our Pastoral Internship Program is one of the most strategic things that we can do in terms of disciple-making. That is to say, if one of these future pastors goes out and pastors a church of 100, we have effectively poured into and discipled not just one person, but 101 people! As a church body, we are beyond excited for the opportunity to pour into and disciple yet another intern for 2018.

If all goes according to plan, my Associate Pastor and I will select the 2018 PFBC Intern this fall (preferably before Christmas) and then reveal the intern to the congregation at our Annual Meeting in January of 2018. During the Annual Meeting, we will also vote on the intern’s compensation package. At this point, we are only looking at students at FBBC in Ankeny, IA, but we are open to other schools and options. That’s where you (the reader) come into play. Please take note of the information below. If you know of a young man who would be a good fit for our high pressure, but rewarding Pastoral Internship Program, please contact me at or my Associate Pastor at

We are offering a fully compensated and robust 12-Week Pastoral Internship Program. I often say that pastoral ministry may be many things, but it’s certainly not boring. In other words, there will be plenty of experiences for the pastoral intern at PFBC. The intern will preach, teach, officiate ordinances, chair meetings, visit the sick, deal with complex issues and problems, etc. Basically, he will be immersed into the full orbed life of being a pastor. We will demand a lot…evaluate frequently…and constantly push for prayer-filled excellence in all that the intern does.

Here’s a quick, general snapshot of the pastoral intern’s week…Sundays are incredibly busy with preaching, teaching, and counseling. Mondays are filled with staff meetings and administrative duties. Tuesdays are sermon prep/teaching prep days. Wednesdays usually pack a punch with both visitations and administrative duties. And Thursdays are filled with more sermon prep, blogging, and other duties as assigned. The intern will generally have Fridays and Saturdays off. What was just described is a “normal” week. Such a week does not include crisis counseling, emergency hospital visitations, and deaths in the church family. The pastoral intern’s week can go from “normal” to “crazy busy” very quickly.

This program is not for the faint of heart. This program is not for someone who just wants to fetch coffee and get dry cleaning. This program is an intense program that focuses the intern’s attention on the proper care of souls in a local church context. Do you know of someone who would benefit from such a program? We only have one slot to fill and we’re looking only for the best. If you know of anyone, please float us their name and contact information so that we might look into their situation.

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