Revised Biblical Principles of Church Membership & New 2018 Officers


At Prairie Flower’s Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 7, 2018, we will be voting upon our recently revised Biblical Principles of Church Membership. This document outlines the requirements and expectations we have of all members at Prairie Flower Baptist Church. Indeed, these revisions unanimously passed the approval of the Pastors, Deacons, and Constitution Review Team. So, at the Annual Meeting in January, the congregation of Prairie Flower will be asked to vote and give their final approval. If you are a member of Prairie Flower, please carefully review the document below, pray, and then vote on Sunday, January 7, 2018. Our revised membership statement reads like so…

Biblical Principles of Church Membership

I DECLARE that the Holy Spirit led me to personally receive the Lord Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior, and having professed my own personal faith in Christ by water baptism by immersion, I joyfully join myself to the membership of Prairie Flower Baptist Church by means of:

  1. BELIEVING the major points of core doctrinal truths as outlined in Prairie Flower’s Articles of Faith;
  2. LOVING the people of Prairie Flower and the area to which it has been called by promoting and enhancing our church’s unity, community, accountability, and long-term viability;
  3. TRUSTING the ultimate Shepherd of this local church, Jesus Christ, and His will for this church by wholeheartedly leaning on His sovereignty, wisdom, and love in all things;
  4. COMMITING myself to this local body of believers by means of recognizing that I don’t merely attend this church, but I am a vital part of this church, and desire to be an active member by means of attendance and using my spiritual gifts for the building up of this local body;
  5. GIVING of my time, talents, and treasures to the support of this church and the spread of the Gospel in our area and throughout the world;
  6. PRAYING for all people, especially those who do not know Christ, and also for my fellow believers, church members, pastors, and deacons, interceding on their behalf and their needs;
  7. TELLING of my Savior and the power of the Gospel, beginning in my home with personal and family Bible Study, and then to all who will listen, eagerly supporting both local and foreign missions in this endeavor.

FURTHERMORE, I DECLARE my support for the Core Values of our church and genuinely desire to see this church succeed in our Mission and Vision to be a strong church that makes disciples for the glory of God. Thus, I will do my part to see the Mission and Vision of this church come to fruition by:

  1. PLEDGING that I will flee from sin and pursue holiness, fighting for the truth of the Gospel by living it out in every aspect of my life. Furthermore, I will strive to live with eternity in view and vigorously guard the Gospel of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  2. SUBMITTING with willingness and joy to the authority of God, His verbally inspired Word, and to the accountability of this church. This submission will include setting aside my preferences and following this church’s leadership as they faithfully follow Jesus Christ.
  3. UNDERSTANDING that my church membership is a precious gift. It is a distinct honor to serve and love others in this local body. I pray that I will never take my church membership for granted and view it as a gift to be stewarded for the good of others. Indeed, my church membership is not about me and my desires, but about the building up of others to the praise of God’s glorious grace.

ULTIMATELY, I RECOGNIZE I do not have the ability to carry out the terms of this commitment in my own strength, but will (by God’s grace) fulfill these commitments with the strength that God alone provides. I further agree that if I move from this area, or can no longer fulfill the obligations of this commitment, I will join another church where I can carry out the spirit of these principles from God’s Word.

2018 Officers and Other Elected Positions

Lead Pastor – David Cotner

Associate Pastor – Jon Rocha

Deacons – Steve Bohn, Will Luers, Mark Tinnes, Will Van Der Molen, and Eldon Yoder

Clerk – Mike York

Treasurer – Duane Davis

Financial Secretary – Steve Donnolly

Sunday School Superintendent – Mark Tinnes

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