2018 Committees


Below are the PFBC Committees for 2018. Please be in prayer for these folks as they serve our church.

Audit Committee:

Chris Harmsen

John Morgan


Christian Education Committee:

Nicole Harmsen

Jackie Morgan

Mark Tinnes

Michaela Tinnes

Brian Wilson


Decorating Committee:

Pam Dunbar

Bailey Gingerich

Julia Rocha


Food Fellowship Coordinator:

Brian and Nancy Wilson


Music Committee:

Lori Carroll

Will Luers

Pastor Jon Rocha

Janine Rosien

Lisa Van Der Molen


Constitution Review Team:

Braden Carroll

Jess Caster

Bonnie Donnolly

Matt Latcham

Edwin Luers

Rosemary Luers

Doug Tinnes


Miscellaneous Positions:

Church Librarian – ______________________________

Head Ushers/Security – Justin Aubrecht & Jerry Dunbar

IRBC Messenger – Steve Donnolly

Nursery Coordinator – Heather Cotner

Wedding/Funeral Coordinator – Nancy Wilson



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