A Husband’s Vision For His Marriage…

marriage vision

Below is my vision for my marriage. This vision statement represents what could be and should be in my marriage to Heather Cotner. This is my dream, my longing, my vision…

I want to be your man, your husband, your head. I want to lovingly lead you as I am led by my Head, even Christ. I dream of the day when we are truly one flesh in mind, as well as in body; and I desire to stand by your side, through every season of life. Communicating graciously, loving unselfishly, and cultivating an environment of tenderness for you to grow, thrive, and flourish in is truly one of my greatest ambitions as your husband. As for our children, may they grow in the fear and discipline of the Lord, our little man becoming a man, and our little ladies growing to be strong, fierce and, one day, dressed all in white. I want to grow old with you…like really, really old…and at the end of our time here on earth, when people ask what’s our secret sauce, we’ll say, as one, grace…God’s glorious grace…and nothing more.

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