Habakkuk: Review and Sneak Peak…

Habakkuk #2

This Sunday, we will be landing the plane on our current mini-series through the Old Testament book of Habakkuk. Our meaningful meandering through this Sacred Text has revealed some wonderful reminders:

  1. Godly people can have frustrations, concerns, and doubts.
  2. God never has frustrations, concerns, or doubts…nor is he surprised by our frustrations, concerns, or doubts.
  3. Pain (though never desired) has a purpose that sometimes goes far beyond our lifetime.
  4. Waiting on the Lord is hard, but yields blessing and strength.
  5. Trusting the Lord means trusting both His plan and His timing.
  6. Worshiping before the Lord is necessary for He is holy and glorious.

These are some great lessons/reminders from the book of Habakkuk and this Sunday we will finish this series by looking at Habakkuk Chapter 3. As we do, we’ll discover what to do when we just don’t understand what God is doing…The video below will give to you not only a review of where we’ve been in our study, but a sneak peak of where we’re going this Sunday. Enjoy!

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