An Interview With My Daughter…


Today is Take Your Daughter To Work Day! Yes, today I had the privilege of hanging out with my daughter, Ann-Marie (Age 6), while Heather took the two younger children to her MOPS Meeting (Mothers of Preschoolers). Time spent with my kids is always a precious time…even if it’s in the “boring office” (my daughter’s words, not mine). So, to liven things up for my daughter (and me), I decided to interview my daughter on her concepts of life, school, friendships, the church, and the Lord. Here’s what she had to say…

Me – “So, tell us a little bit about yourself.”

Ann-Marie – “Well, I like Caesar salads, and playing outside with my brother, and reading books during school.”

Me – “Ok. What would you say is the most important thing to remember in life?”

Ann-Marie – “That God is in control…”

Me – “Good answer! Next, tell us what you enjoy most about being homeschooled.”

Ann-Marie – “Well, Mom is the best teacher and it’s really fun being homeschooled.”

Me – “Alright. Tell us about your friends. How many friends do you have? And what’s the most important part about being a friend?”

Ann-Marie – “Well, I have three friends from camp and two from church; and the most important part of being a friend is that we should remember to help our friends when they’re hurt…or when they’ve lost their dog…”

Me – “Very good. Next, tell us what you like most about being a part of Prairie Flower Baptist Church.”

Ann-Marie – “Well, we have good teachers here that teach us the true Gospel.”

Me – “Ok. What else comes to your mind when you think about this church?”

Ann-Marie – “Well, when I think about this church, I think about a lot of things. But this is a good church and I really think that there’s good pastors and good teachers and good friends here…”

Me – “I like your answer. Final question…tell us about your relationship with the Lord. You just got saved last month, tell us about that.”

Ann-Marie – “Well, I got saved last month and my parents helped me and it was a very good moment because I really got to know the Lord. I’m glad I got saved because I knew something was wrong and I needed to really know the Lord…and my relationship with the Lord is good…it’s serious. I like to pray to Him and read the Bible…which you can always do, even if you’re busy…”

Some great answers, huh? I really enjoyed conducting this little interview with my daughter and I trust that some of her responses blessed and encouraged your heart. Have a good one!

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