Your 2019 Officer Nominees


After a thorough and prayer-filled nominating process, we are pleased to announce your 2019 Officer Nominees:

For the Position of Deacon (Elect 1):

Darwin Carroll

Zach Shepherd

For the Position of Clerk:

Mike York

For the Position of Financial Secretary:

Steve Donnolly

For the Position of Treasurer:

Duane Davis

For the Position of Sunday School Superintendent:

Brian Wilson

The Annual Election of Officers will be held on Sunday, December 9,¬†immediately following the Morning Worship Service. The vote will be held by secret ballot. All elected officers will then take office on January 1, 2019. Also, please bear in mind, that during the Annual Election of Officers, we will vote on the Glen Galbraith Initiative and we’ll vote to move the Annual Meeting from January 6, 2019 to January 13, 2019. Please be in prayer over these voting items.

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