PFBC: May’s Upcoming Events…


Below you will find the upcoming events taking place at Prairie Flower Baptist Church. The purpose of providing this schedule is to give you adequate time to plan for these events and/or pray for those participating in these events. Thanks for taking the time to stay current on all that is happening out here on the prairie!

May 3-4 – Mother & Daughter Retreat at IRBC

May 5 – Pastor Tim O’Tool’s First Official Sunday & Friendship Bible Study at PFBC

May 10 – Faith Baptist Bible College Commencement Service in Ankeny, IA (Shannon Steffen and Lance Lewis Graduating…)

May 11 – Youth Group Event: Adventureland Rally in Altoona, IA

May 12 – Mother’s Day at PFBC (Special Note: Youth Camp Registrations are due on this day to be eligible for PFBC’s 70% Scholarship…)

May 13 – Women’s Prayer Group at PFBC (10 – 11 AM)

May 14 – Donuts, Coffee, and Prayer at PFBC (6:30 – 7:30 AM)

May 16 – Eastern Iowa Biblical Counselor’s Coalition Training in Coralville, IA (Pastor Dave Attending…)

May 17-18 – Father & Son Retreat at IRBC

May 19 – Pavilion Project Groundbreaking Ceremony & Friendship Bible Study at PFBC

May 20 – Pastor Tim O’Tool’s Moving Day in Kalona, IA

May 26 – Special Speaker, Jon Jenks, at PFBC (Pastor Dave will be preaching at First Baptist Church in Elyria, OH on this Sunday for their special Patriotic Service…)

May 29 – Youth Group with Pastor Tim O’Tool at PFBC

May 30 – Pavilion Project: Foundation Potentially Finished at PFBC


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