All Church Prayer and Fasting Day

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We are calling for an All Church Prayer and Fasting Day on Wednesday, July 3. Why? Because we should be practicing these spiritual disciplines, not just listening to preaching on these spiritual disciplines.

Here is the plan…10 days prior to our day of fasting, on Monday, June 24, please prepare yourself by reading “Prayer Changes Things” from Our Daily Bread (copies are located on the foyer table). From this booklet, you’ll read one devotional a day, for ten days, on the power of prayer. Then, from the time you wake up on Wednesday, July 3, until the time we meet that evening at 6 PM for our Summer Night of Prayer, fast and pray. We will break our fast by taking Communion together during our Summer Night of Prayer.

And what should you be praying for during our All Church Prayer and Fasting Day? Well, as hunger pangs erupt throughout your day of fasting, channel those pangs and pray/do the following:

  • Read one of the following Psalms and praise God for the attributes you encounter in the Scriptures (Psalm 3, 33, 63, 93, or 123).
  • Spend some time confessing your sins and shortcomings to God. Claim the promise of 1 John 1:9.
  • Write out every blessing in your life. Try to list 20 or more. Then thank God for those blessings.
  • Pray for your unsaved family members and friends.
  • Think through your family and business needs and pray over them.
  • Pray for our Missionaries. Ex. Joy Akkerman, the Galbraiths, the Kisarets, the Millers…
  • Google the names of our national and community leaders, pray for them by name.
  • Just for fun: pray for three of your closest friends and then text them to tell them you just prayed for them. It’s a blessing to be a blessing!

Won’t you join us for our church’s first All Church Prayer and Fasting Day? We are hoping that this day (and the ten days of preparation beforehand) blesses, encourages, and strengthens your faith. Please join us!

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