Prairie Flower’s COVID-19 Response Plan


Dear Members and Friends Out Here On The Prairie,

We are certainly living in some crazy, turbulent times! The spread of the coronavirus in our country and around the world is troubling and we are taking it very seriously. What a relief to know that our God is still on the throne (Psalm 102:12) and we can run to Him for refuge, strength, and help (Psalm 46:1-3).

Last night, the Leadership Team of Prairie Flower Baptist Church held a Special Meeting to discuss Prairie Flower’s COVID-19 Response Plan. Below are the thoughtful, prayerful decisions that we came to as a unified team. These decisions were made with our faith in God, out of love for our neighbors, and in submission to our governing authorities.

Please note Prairie Flower’s COVID-19 Response Plan below:

  1. In compliance with the lawful orders of the Iowa Governor and the Washington Mayor, we will suspend all events and gatherings of Prairie Flower Baptist Church till at least March 31, 2020. To be clear, this means that Sunday School, Sunday Morning Worship, Growth Groups, Kids4Truth, Outfitters, and all other events and gatherings will not be meeting at our church building till at least March 31, 2020. Please call Pastor Dave (850-776-5504) or Pastor Tim (712-830-9554) with any questions or concerns.
  2. The Pastors of Prairie Flower Baptist Church will seek to encourage, equip, and edify our church family during this time by recording and publishing good biblical content in the form of blogs, podcasts, and the weekly sermon. Along with the weekly sermon, a Family Worship Guide will be made available so that families can hear and discuss the Word of God together. All these items will be made available by email, website, church app, and/or our Facebook page.
  3. The Deacons of Prairie Flower Baptist Church will seek to serve and care for our church family during this time by reaching out and facilitating help to meet the needs of our body. Their primary focus will be on the most vulnerable members of our congregation and meeting their physical needs. Please do not hesitate to bring any of your needs to their attention.
  4. As members and friends of our church, please continue to support our church family by faithfully giving of your tithes and offerings. Online giving is available through our church app. Also, please do your part to reach out to the other members of our body and encourage them by calling them and perhaps praying with them over the phone.

Again, these are some crazy, unprecedented times in the life of our church, community, and country. Let’s keep trusting our great God and loving our neighbors despite this pandemic. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of being on mission “for such a time as this.” Indeed, our mission has not changed. We still desire to be a strong church that makes disciples for the glory of God. How can we do this during this crazy time? Here’s a better question…How can we not do this during this crazy time? People are ripe with questions. They are ready to hear the truth. So, share the Gospel boldly! And don’t forget to keep bathing yourself in truth, prayer, and (of course) hand sanitizer.

God bless you guys…I do love you guys…And I’ll see you when I see you…Take care,

David Cotner

Lead Pastor, PFBC

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