Prairie Flower Seeks To Improve Online Presence…

Online Presence #1

The turbulence of COVID-19 has afforded Prairie Flower Baptist Church some unique opportunities. One of those opportunities has come in the form of improving our online presence. For instance, our church app continues to be used to produce strong biblical content in the form of blogs, podcasts, and audio sermons. Indeed, our app just recently crossed 1,000+ downloads across iPhone and Android devices…Not bad for a church located in the middle of a cornfield! May God receive all the glory.

We also continue to use our website to communicate with our community and just recently gave our homepage a slight overhaul. As for social media, we have expanded our outreach, impact, and influence by posting more content than ever before, to include more videos throughout the week and Facebook Live on Sunday mornings. In addition to all these venues, we also jumped into the world of publishing content through our YouTube channel. We are still learning, growing, and developing in our capabilities (a big shout out to Pastor Tim and Will Luers who are leading in this initiative), but we have made some neat improvements in our ability to produce, not just strong biblical content, but well done videos.

Yes, COVID-19 certainly produced some turbulence, wrecking lots of our plans and programs, but (in the end) it birthed some unique opportunities for us to be innovative, experimental, and (hopefully) move to the next level of life and ministry. It’s been so neat to track our little improvements. Indeed, please know that we will always seek to keep improving in our ability to communicate the Gospel, whether it be in person or through the plethora of online platforms that are out there…Yes, we will always seek to improve. For example, check out the two videos below…See the difference in audio quality?


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