Moving Forward From COVID-19

Dear Members and Friends Out Here On The Prairie,

The last 2 1/2 months have been some of the most turbulent days we’ve ever faced as a world, nation, and church family. Truth be told, there might be more turbulence ahead. But no matter what, we will continue to trust our great and sovereign King Jesus!

I realize that many of you have been inundated with various news articles, blog posts, videos, and other communication platforms, so I’ll keep my words here succinct. Please note the information below. And please know that we are in this together and will get through this together by God’s amazing, sustaining grace…

  1. Face Masks: We are moving forward from the strange and oftentimes confusing world of COVID-19. Practices that were once deemed necessary because of our lack of knowledge about the virus are now deemed unnecessary at best and detrimental to our health at worst. Such is the case with the use of face masks. Now, let me be as clear as I can, you may wear a face mask if you want to for the protection of your health, but we will not make face masks mandatory or commonplace in our church building. Again, you may wear one if you wish, and some of you, for health reasons, should wear one, and we’ll be glad you’re wearing one, but not everyone needs to wear a face mask.
  2. Social Distancing: Despite reducing some restrictions, I do believe we will continue to feel the effects of this virus for quite some time. This is especially true in regards to social distancing and increased hygiene protocols. So, out of compliance with our Governor’s desires, and out of love for our fellow neighbor, we will continue to exercise social distancing and proper hygiene as we congregate week after week. We do this, not motivated by fear, but out of submission to our governing authorities and out of love for our neighbors.
  3. Child Care: As it relates to our Child Care ministries, as a Leadership Team, we have decided to make the downstairs Fellowship Hall a designated Child Care area for parents to use. To be clear, this area will not be staffed with volunteer teachers, but parents are welcome to use this area in order to more easily occupy their children and participate in the Sunday Morning Worship Service. No other Child Care ministries will be offered (i.e. Sunday School, Nursery, etc.). It is our desire to relaunch all of our Child Care ministries this fall. But may God’s will be done!
  4. Important Dates: Finally, we would like all of you to be aware of some very important dates. This includes our Women’s Prayer Group relaunching this Monday, June 8 at 10 AM (continuing every second Monday of every month), our Men’s Prayer Group this Tuesday, June 9 at 6:30 AM (AKA: Donuts, Coffee, and Prayer…continuing every second Tuesday of every month), a Reno Informational Meeting on Sunday, June 14 immediately following the Morning Worship Service (this meeting will prepare us for a vote on this project at our next Quarterly Meeting), All Church Work Day on Saturday, June 27 (the purpose of this Work Day is to do indoor and outdoor maintenance on our building and grounds, especially as it relates to our Pavilion Project), and our Quarterly Meeting on Sunday, June 28 immediately following the Morning Worship Service (there will be several vital issues to vote on in this meeting…all members are strongly encouraged to be in attendance). Also, all Small Group Bible Studies may begin to regather at their Bible Study Leader’s discretion. Please use proper social distancing at each of these events/gatherings. It is also important to note that the Leadership Team has decided that there will be no VBS this summer, but alternate activities are being discussed.

Well, there you have it! I tried to be as clear and concise as possible. If you have any questions whatsoever, please reach out to either Pastor Tim or me. We are here for you!

Moving Forward Together,

David Cotner

Lead Pastor, PFBC

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