Readjusted Timeline For Our Annual Election Of Officers

With a new season of covid upon us, we have had to readjust our ministries and schedules once again. Thank you all for your understanding and patience as we walk through this frustrating time together. We will get through this!

One of the biggest adjustments to our schedule has been the timing of the Annual Election of Officers. As a reminder, all church members, who are 14 years of age or older, are kindly invited to prayerfully nominate and then vote for individuals in the following categories: Deacon (3 Open Positions), Clerk (Mike York Desires To Be Replaced), Financial Secretary (Steve Donnolly Most Recently Served In This Position), Treasurer (Duane Davis Desires To Be Replaced), and Sunday School Superintendent (Brian Wilson Most Recently Served In This Position). Below is the new timeline of events for this important process out here on the prairie…

Sunday, November 22 – Nomination Process For Our Annual Election Of Officers Closes…Our Nomination and Election Committee (1 Pastor & 2 Deacons) will meet on this Sunday to contemplate the official ballot…

Monday, November 23 – Wednesday, December 2 – The Nomination and Election Committee will contact eligible nominees to see if they’re interested in serving…These individuals must reply by the close of business (5 PM) on Wednesday, December 2…

Sunday, December 6 – We will announce and post the official ballot of our 2021 Officer Nominees…Posting of nominees will be done via email, the blog, etc…

Sunday, December 20 – Annual Election Of Officers…Election will be held by secret ballot…

All elected officers will take office on January 1, 2021. Please be in prayer concerning who you would have serve and if God is leading you to serve at Prairie Flower Baptist Church!

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