A Letter From Pastor Dave Regarding Covid Precautions At Prairie Flower

Dear Prairie Flower Baptist Church,

As we continue to navigate the difficult waters of another covid season, and considering our Governor’s most recent proclamation, we have decided to enact the following procedures for the next two Sundays (11/22 and 11/29). Please know that, as a Leadership Team, we are implementing these procedures out of a desire to submit to our governing authorities, and to keep people reasonably safe, all the while trusting our sovereign God in all things.

So, with those thoughts in mind, here is our plan: 1) Face Masks – We strongly encourage the use of face masks for all individuals who attend Sunday School and our Morning Worship Service. These masks should be worn by all individuals who are 5 years of age and older. It is recommended that these masks be worn as you enter our building and as you traffic throughout our building, but these masks do not have to be worn once you are seated and participating in our worship services. And 2) Social Distancing – We will ensure that all congregants are reasonably socially distanced during our worship services. To ensure this, we will take out every other row of chairs in our downstairs fellowship hall and ask that only family units sit together during the service. Obviously, we will have fewer seats available for the next two Sundays. So, if you are uncomfortable participating in our live worship services, you are encouraged to stay at home and watch our service over Facebook Live. 

Lord willing, all of these measures are temporary, and we should be able to get back to a sense of normalcy starting in December. Indeed, if all goes as planned, we envision having our first service in our newly renovated sanctuary on Sunday, December 6. How wonderful it will be to meet in our new worship space and to begin our celebration of Christmas out here on the prairie!

We look forward to seeing many of you over these next two weeks. Again, the above measures are designed out of our desire to submit to our governing authorities, and to keep people reasonably safe, all the while trusting our sovereign God. For some of you, this is not easy and perhaps frustrating. We get that. But we thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to weave our way through this incredibly wonky year. 

David Cotner on behalf of the PFBC Leadership Team

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