New Member’s Profiles & Testimonies!

This Sunday, January 3, we will welcome some good friends and new members, Scott & Marti Owen! What a wonderful way to ring in the new year. Indeed, we are so blessed to have these faithful servants of God as a part of our church family. As many of you know, Marti grew up at Prairie Flower and Scott is the Transitional Ministries Director with Baptist Church Planters (BCP). How wonderful to welcome Scott and Marti back to the prairie!

Now, bear in mind, these two are quite busy with their work with BCP, raising support and visiting churches all across the United States. So, we won’t see them as often as we would like, but when they’re here, we’ll rejoice and love them well…Below you’ll find their written testimonies of their salvation and baptism (the fundamental requirements for our church membership)…

Scott Owen: I was exposed to church through some friends from school. They attempted to lead me to Christ on their own during our 7th grade year. But I struggled to comprehend the whole concept of a relationship with Christ, as I continued my quest to change habits and look like my new friends. They eventually invited me to summer camp where I fully understood the need for a Savior and the importance of a personal relationship with Christ. From that point on, I have not had a doubt regarding my eternal destiny. I was baptized the following winter and joined Faith Baptist Church of Fort Dodge. I grew spiritually while attending a Christian school my last year of high school. I then attended Bible College to learn more on how to serve Jesus. The local church has been my source of instruction, fellowship and focus of ministry.

Marti Owen: As a young child, I was blessed to be immersed in the truths of what God did for me. I was taught those truths in a Christian home and church family, Prairie Flower Baptist Church. Around the age of 7, I cried out to God realizing my desperate need of the Savior and thanked God for His mercy and saving grace to rescue me from my sin. I was baptized shortly thereafter. God eventually used Bible College to spark a hunger to pursue and serve Him. I’m eternally grateful for His continuing work of conforming me into the image of His Son (Romans 8:29).

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  1. We are excited for your church to have Scott and Marti as servants there. Marti is Linda’s cousin (Linda Benson – Paul Benson’s daughter). Sadly, our paths have not crossed much, but how wonderful for modern technology in order to keep in touch! Congratulations and God Blessings to all.

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