A Special Letter with Pictures from Our Former Associate Pastor, Jon Rocha…

To Our Prairie Flower Family:

We are so thankful for the connections we still have at Prairie Flower. This year has been particularly difficult with the growing pains of business, my father’s failing health, and his eventual passing. I was very thankful we moved back when we did to be with my dad. We were able to worship together most Sundays, our son got to be with him once a week, and we were able to experience men’s retreat/zip line together for the first time.

My dad enjoyed so much coming to visit Prairie Flower on the weekends and his time going to the Creation Museum. Once he passed, I couldn’t believe how many people reached out via telephone, cards, and even in person to support us during the grieving process. Also, due to your generosity were able to take a weekend trip up to Chicago and spend some much-needed quality time with our son. He loves Christmas lights, museums, and trains and we were able to experience all three over the weekend!

Even though we are not there, we still feel your love, support, and generosity throughout it all.

Thank You,

Jon Rocha & Family

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