Thank You & Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends,

As we near Christmas day and get towards the end of another year, I just wanted to take some time to express my deep gratitude for each and every one of you…

  • To the six of you who placed your faith in Jesus Christ this past year, thank you for trusting Jesus and only Jesus for your righteousness.
  • To the three of you who submitted yourself to water baptism by immersion this past year, thank you for taking your next step of faith with Jesus.
  • To the five of you who joined our church in official church membership this past year, thank you for committing yourself to our congregation so that we can continue to be a strong church that makes disciples for the glory of God.
  • To all of you who faithfully attend our services (or tune in online) every week, thank you for staying committed to the Word of God despite cultural pressure to do otherwise.
  • To all of you who serve in our church, thank you for staying faithful to your tasks even when things get mundane or routine.
  • To all of you who teach in our various ministries and programs, thank you for studying diligently and communicating clearly.
  • To all of you who encourage the downtrodden on a regular basis, thank you for lifting heavy burdens by speaking the truth in love.
  • To all of you who faithfully give of your time, talents, and treasure towards the work here, thank you for your spirit of joy and generosity.
  • To all of my fellow leaders (especially Pastor Tim and our five Deacons), thank you for leading with me in joy and zeal despite hardship.
  • To my wife and four kids, God gave me such precious gifts in each of you; I love you and thank God for each of you.

Simply put, to all of you who show up, step up, and seriously care, thank you! What a privilege to serve alongside each of you out here on the prairie…

Merry Christmas,

Pastor David Cotner

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