Membership Sunday: The Vogels!

This Sunday, March 13, we will bring into membership Greg & Marsha Vogel! The Vogels have been attending our church for several years and are now making the plunge into full-blown church membership. We’re so excited to have Greg & Marsha as an official part of our church family! Below are their testimonies of salvation and baptism…

Greg Vogel’s Testimony of Salvation & Baptism…

Don’t always like to tell my testimony as it involves a girl, but not the girl I married…Not supposed to talk about other women you know…

I was not raised in a Christian/church going family. Not bad people, just had our own ways.

I never even went to a church until I was 19. The young lady I was seeing at that time was a believer. Probably the first Christian I had any real dealings with. After a few months of going to church with her and talking with people there, I was sitting in my room at home reading the Bible (and other papers about Jesus) and I decided that this was right. I prayed right there, just God and me, agreeing that His way was the right way, that I was a sinner, and I asked for His forgiveness and to show me the way to live.

For various reasons, I stopped dating that young lady but got in with some other believing friends at another church and was baptized there about 18 months later.

This life since has not always been what one would call an easy or straight path, have had my adventures, but through everything God is still God and Jesus is still risen from the grave. And that is reason enough to follow Him.

Marsha Vogel’s Testimony of Salvation & Baptism…

Growing up in a Christian home, we were at church any time the doors were open, and they were open a lot. We also did devotions every evening and/or morning. If Billy Graham was on TV, we were watching. It was after watching one of these crusades on TV, that I snuck out of bed and went out to my Mom and said I wanted to ask Jesus into my heart. She made sure I understood what I was doing and helped me pray. Shortly after that I went through a membership class and was baptized, along with my older sister.

As we grew, we didn’t get to do many extra-curricular activities at school, but my dad made sure we were able to attend all the church activities, including summer camp and retreats. As we got older, we had to help earn these events, teaching us a good work ethic. As we didn’t move and attended the same church for 25 years, I was very comfortable and participated in most of the events/activities in the church.

We are on our 10th move since I married Greg. I love the fact that I have seen a lot of the country and met so many people. It has made it a bit harder to start to feel at home in a church though. We have tried to contribute of our time and talents wherever we are. We love the friendliness of Prairie Flower Baptist Church and their strong desire to spread the Gospel and preach the Bible. I look forward to growing and serving with you.

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