It’s Been One Month Since My Parents Moved To Iowa…

One month ago, my parents moved from sunny Florida to beautiful (and better) Iowa. Life circumstances, in the form of an unexpected job loss, initiated their move. Personally, I’m loving the fact that I’m only 108 miles from my parents, instead of 953 miles. How wonderful it will be to grow my relationship with my parents as they are much, much closer.

You know, when I first got word that my Dad had lost his job, I took it as bad news. But was it really? In fact, not to get too deep or philosophical, but what makes loss “bad”? At first blush, losing a job, or a house, or a relationship, etc. is viewed as a negative or bad thing. But what makes it bad? Is it really? I don’t think we can really label something “bad” till the story unfolds a bit further. Certainly, a job loss or relationship loss is painful, irritating, discouraging, etc., but is it a bad thing? Let the story unfold…

Perhaps that loss will lead to something new and better. Perhaps losing that job that barely got you by, opens up a new opportunity to do something that the Lord really wants you to do. Perhaps losing that relationship (perhaps a bit toxic in nature?) will lead to a strengthening of your inner person and open you up to a wonderful and healthy relationship down the road. Perhaps loss isn’t a bad thing…Painful? Yes. Irritating? Yes. Discouraging? Yes. But bad? Let the story unfold…

It’s still a bit early in my parent’s job loss story, but take note of my Father’s testimony below. He recently sent this testimony, in the form of a text message, to my brothers and I…

“So, today is one month since we closed on our house in Pensacola. All of the proceeds from our house sale are in savings. We have a great apartment that is cheaper than our house in Florida. We both have jobs making more than we did in Florida. We both really love being here in Iowa! The bottom line is that we are living where we have wanted to live for a long time. We are making more money than we have ever made in our lives. Our expenses are lower than before. And, we have thousands more in savings than we have ever had. Only God could make an outcome like this from a job loss. My encouragement to you is to always trust God, always follow His commands, and always remain obedient even when you don’t understand.”

What a powerful and encouraging testimony! And, I agree with my Dad…In the end (no matter the outcome of our different losses), God is worthy of our faith and trust, His commands are good and wise, and obeying Him yields peace and joy even in the fog of this fallen world. I love you, Dad. Thanks for allowing me to share a snippet of your current testimony. Praying for you…May God continue to bless you…And I’ll see you when I see you…Take care.

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