Prairie Flower’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

In an endeavor to do all things “decently and in order” (1 Cor. 14:40), Prairie Flower Baptist Church will seek to operate within the guidelines outlined in this Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). It has been said that “the statement of faith, church covenant, and constitution are the king, queen, and prince of church documents. But beyond this royal family, there are other documents worthy of your attention.” These SOPs are one such document worthy of your attention.

Please note: Only the SOP topics/titles appear below. For a full reading of our SOPs, please get a copy of our SOPs from the foyer table this Sunday, Nov. 13. Thank you!

Prairie Flower Baptist Church

Standard Operating Procedures (Topics/Titles Only)

Our Annual Budget

Church’s Financial Secretary

The Audit Committee

Our Deacon’s Fund

Missions’ Escrow Account

Sunday School Superintendent

Pastoral Candidating Process

Pastoral Vacation Policy

Our Worship Music

Building Key Protocols

Building Cleaning Procedures

Our Greeting Program

Our Camp Messenger

Our Church Librarian(s)

Our Decorating Committee

Our Nursery Procedures

Our Alcohol Policy

Our Food Fellowships

Vetting Potential Members

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