How Can I Not Be Thankful?

Dear Prairie Flower,

How can I not be thankful for you? In so many ways, you are a people most to be thankful for. From your hard work to extreme generosity, it is a true joy to be one of your pastors. I want to especially thank you for your loving generosity in last week’s Harvest Offering. Through your gifts, we were able to generate over $16,000 to be given to our Ukrainian missionaries, the Kisarets. They will use this money to purchase a safe house to minister to war refugees in their area. How cool is that?! What an awesome privilege to partner alongside these Gospel Warriors in their critical mission overseas. Thank you for giving above and beyond to this great work!

I also want to thank you for allowing me to go on a missions’ trip to South Africa from Nov. 28-Dec. 12. My trip was completely paid for by your gifts. I’m so grateful and do not take this for granted. Please pray for me as I minister alongside missionary, Louis O’Tool, in a youth camp that we will be running. Some 40 kids are projected to be at this camp where I have the privilege of preaching 5x through the book of Proverbs. Coming with me on this missions’ trip is Willie and Sadie Van Der Molen who will lead in music during the week. Please pray for all of us that we would stay focused on our mission and be effective in serving, leading, and loving others.

Again, how can I not be thankful for you? As a church family, you love me and my family so well. We feel it. We’ve experienced it in so many ways. My family loves you. I love you. Thanks for being on mission with me. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! And, as always, I’ll see you when I see you.

Take Care,

David Cotner

Lead Pastor, PFBC

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