Four Thoughts on Leadership

School of Horse-Eye Jacks following Longjaw Squirrelfish, underwater shot

As a local church pastor, I spend a considerable portion of my life thinking about leadership, reading on the topic of leadership, and even attempting leadership myself. I recently was chatting with my Associate Pastor, Jon Rocha, on this very topic of leadership and I asked his thoughts on what makes an effective leader. Our conversation was most stimulating and enlightening. Here was the crux of our conversation on effective, God-honoring leadership:

1) All leadership demands integrity. That is to say, the content of the leader’s actual life should match the content of their lips. In other words, leaders should “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk”. There should be no contradiction between what the leader says and what they actually do. Thus, an effective leader will guard their words carefully and ensure that they do exactly what they’ve promised to do. Like a glove to one’s hand…so are the words to the actions of an effective leader.

2) All leadership demands decisiveness. At some level, all leaders (whether they be in business, military, or ministry) must be decision-makers. They must become extremely comfortable with saying “yes” to certain projects/initiatives and “no” to others. The challenge with this aspect of leadership is that most decisions do not revolve around whether a project is morally right or wrong, but on whether or not it is right or wrong in terms of timing, methodology, etc. Thus, an effective leader will surround himself with people of wisdom and always look to the Lord for guidance and direction as they navigate the tricky waters of decision-making.

3) All leadership demands courage. What is courage? Well, courage is the conscious decision to act even in the midst of fear or uncertainty. Leaders need moral courage to stand up for what is ethically right. And leaders need physical courage to keep on keeping on even when life gets difficult. And life will get difficult…you can mark that one down. Good leaders are men and women of courage.

4) All leadership demands discipline. I personally define discipline as the ability to remain faithful even when the newness fades. A true leader cannot afford to chase after mountain top experience after mountain top experience, but will become comfortable in the valleys of life. Any project, ministry, or place of service doesn’t last exciting forever. A good leader understands this and an effective leader will press on and do what needs to be done (day in and day out) even when the excitement fades away. Good leaders are disciplined leaders.

So there you have it…Integrity. Decisiveness. Courage. Discipline. All marks of highly effective, God-honoring leadership.


PFBC: Prayer List #17


The following list of prayer requests can be prayed for in your own quiet time with the Lord, in your own family worship time, or in Growth Groups. Please keep the following requests in your prayers:

Angela Aery – Please lift up in prayer Angela’s brother, Bobby, who struggles with suicidal thoughts. Pray too for Angela that God would give her grace and strength to meet the many different challenges in her life, especially in the raising of her son.

Rachel Aubrecht – Pray for Rachel as she continues to grieve the loss of her grandmother.

Carl Benson – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Christina Boos – Please pray for Christina’s brother, Jason, who is struggling with seizures.

Braden Carroll – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Jess Caster – Please pray that Jess would be able to find a new nursing job as she was just laid off from her current nursing job.

Ray Cooper – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Tonnie Crile – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Greg Dunbar – Please lift up in prayer Greg’s mom, Debbie, who is struggling with cancer and is fighting it by means of chemotherapy and radiation. Also, please pray for the Dunbars in regards to the sale of their home.

Steve and Diana Fordham – Pray for Steve and Diana as they battle many different health issues. Also, prayers for wisdom and discernment in terms of the sale of their Texas home would be greatly appreciated.

The Goodlanders – Pray for the Goodlanders and their overall health.

John Hardt – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Matt Latcham – Please pray for Matt’s mother, Linda, who is battling cancer.

Brent and Tori Lybarger – Please lift up in prayer Brent’s mother who is battling cancer. Also, please pray for Brent and Tori’s daughter, Brooklynne, who is struggling with drop seizures and other difficulties.

Pam Miller – Please pray for Elisabeth Tinnes’ friend, Pam, who lost her baby at 31 weeks. Pray for comfort and encouragement for the whole family involved.

Phil Reed – Please pray for Phil and his heart health.

Rhonda Reed – Unspoken Prayer Request.

Jan Rosien – Please pray for Jan as she grieves the loss of her dear husband, Jim.

Arlena Tinnes – Please continue to pray for healing and strength as Arlena battles cancer.

Shanon Walker – Please be in prayer for Shanon as she undergoes treatment for adrenal stress. Pray that her body recovers and that she becomes fully healthy once again.

Judy Wolf – Pray for Judy’s daughter (Sandi) as she continues to battle cancer in her lower body. Sandi does not know Christ and so prayers for her salvation are also needed. Also, please pray for Judy’s granddaughter (Maddie) and her salvation. Also, please pray for Judy’s great-granddaughter (Errin) who has a heart implant…Errin is just 4 years old. Pray too for Errin’s father, Eddie, and his salvation.

Mike York – Please pray for Mike’s wife, Becky, as she is struggling with tendonitis.

PFBC Leadership Team – Pray for your Lead Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Deacons that God would grant to them wisdom, discernment, vision, and unity.

Our Church – Pray that we would embrace our mission and vision to be a strong church that makes disciples for the glory of God.

Our Visitors – Please pray for our many visitors that continue to come to PFBC. Pray that God would work in their hearts and lives. Pray that God would grow our church numerically and spiritually.

Our Missionaries – Please pray for our many supported missionaries that they would remain faithful.

Our Country – Please pray for our country and our upcoming election this fall.

Please Note: We update this prayer list on a monthly basis. If you would like a prayer request to be added to this list, please let Pastor Dave or Pastor Jon know. Thank you!

Artistic Presentation of 1 Corinthians

Currently, we are in a series through the New Testament book of 1 Corinthians. This has been a fascinating series as we’ve examined our Gospel-Identity in relation to our attitudes and behaviors as Christians. This Sunday, we will be half-way through our series, and so by way of review, and as a preview of what’s to come, I have attached a YouTube video presentation of 1 Corinthians. This video summarizes the BIG idea of 1 Corinthians in artistic beauty. Enjoy!

Quarterly Meeting: Agenda Items (7-10-16)


This Sunday, July 10, immediately following the Morning Worship Service and Quarterly Food Fellowship, we will conduct our Quarterly Meeting. Below are the agenda items for this meeting:

  1. Prayer for Unity and Blessing
  2. Call Meeting to Order
  3. Reading of Past Meeting Minutes
  4. Acceptance of Financial Report: It is important to note that heading into the 3rd Quarter we are $20,000 below budget.
  5. Missionary Updates:
    • Larry Beckman’s Retirement and Proposal/Vote of Reducing His Support to $100 a Quarter Per Church Precedent.
      • Video: Honoring 32 Years of Service (8 ½ Minutes).
    • Ken Rathbun’s Transition to Faith Baptist Bible College and Proposal/Vote to Remove Him From Support on July 31, 2016.
      • Letter: Transition from BMM to FBBC.
    • Proposal/Vote to Increase Frontline Missions International Support to $600 a Quarter (Up From $400 a Quarter).
  6. Lead Pastor Updates:
    • Missions’ Trips: Our Church On Mission.
    • Camp Fairwood: Family Camp Speaker (Aug. 1-6).
    • VBS: Volunteers Needed (Aug. 14-17).
    • Church App: NEW Online Giving Capability!
  7. Old and New Business (if any)
  8. Closing Prayer – Mark Tinnes
  9. Adjournment