2015 Committees

Audit Committee:

Chris Harmsen
John Morgan

Christian Education Committee:

Nicole Harmsen
Jackie Morgan
Mark Tinnes
Michaela Tinnes
Brian Wilson

Decorating Committee:

Cheryl Bohn
Kay Gates
Kendra Gingerich

Music Committee:

Steve Bohn
Lori Carroll
Bonnie Donnolly
Greg Dunbar
Janine Rosien

Social Committee:

Steve and Cheryl Bohn (JAN-MAR)
Steve and Andi Klein (APR-JUNE)
John and Jackie Morgan (JULY-SEPT)
Mark and Cheryl Tinnes (OCT-DEC)

Miscellaneous Positions:

Special Events/Funeral Coordinator – Nancy Wilson

Food Coordinator (i.e. hospital, newborns, etc.) – Veronica Dunbar

Nursery Coordinator – Carli Robison

Head Usher – Steve Donnolly

Church Librarian – Julie Tinnes

IRBC Messenger – Steve Bohn

Please pray for these individuals as they serve you and our church in 2015!

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