Can you help?

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The letter below is from our supported missionaries to the Ukraine – Vova and Laura Kisarets:

We are working on our next update, but it’s after 11pm here and we just got word that a group that we thought was going to be able to come teach English for a week in October won’t be able to because the team member don’t have passports and don’t feel they have sufficient time to get passports and then purchase tickets.

A church about an hour north of Ternopil requested that we partner with them to do a HOPE English School October 12-18th. It is a church of about 140 and they are expecting about 200 unsaved students (16 years and older). This is an awesome opportunity for us to help the church reach out and make contact with their community to be able to share the Good News with them.

If possible we’d like to go ahead as planned, but we need 5-10 people to help us. It is teaching conversational English so if you’re a fluent English speaker it’s easy. But, it looks like the other requirement at the moment would be that they already have a passport…We’re willing to piece a team together from different churches if possible too. If we can’t get a team together we’ll probably try and put it off until spring and try and get that team from Kentucky that really wanted to come.

Also, PLEASE let us know if your church would be interested in partnering with us for an English school or camp in the future. We now know that we need to plan a little further in advance. This one just came up suddenly and we may have pushed it a little too fast. If you have an interest, let us know and we can begin communication and we’ll see where God leads.

Thank you so much for your prayers, God is leading us and we KNOW that, but like Abraham we don’t always see the complete picture.


Laura (and Vova) Kisarets

Who: You.

What: Teaching Conversational English to 200 Unsaved Students AND Sharing the Gospel With Them!

Where: The Ukraine.

When: October 12-18.

Why: 1 John 3:18.

Can you help? Maybe you can…maybe you can’t…it’s just an opportunity.

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