Servant Leadership (A Poem) By David Cotner


A Poem Dedicated to the PFBC Deacons of 2016 and to All Church Leaders Near and Far…

Brought up high to go down low.

Seated in the Heavenly Places with a towel and a bowl.

Leaders. Servants. Servant Leaders.

Capes by day. Mops by night.

Diverse people with dual purpose: To serve, not to be served, and to fight the good fight.

Leaders. Servants. Servant Leaders.

Influenced to influence. Impacted to impact. “Ride on my shoulders”, they say.

Cloaked in humility. Saturated in savvy. Wise beyond years. Street-smart and streetwise. Meek, but not weak. All just soft clay.

Leaders. Servants. Servant Leaders.

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