My Sabbatical Goals…


My family and I will be on Sabbatical, in Kansas City, for the month of June. We are incredibly grateful to you, the Prairie Flower Baptist Church family, for giving to us this wonderful opportunity to rest, rejuvenate, and recalibrate. Indeed, would you pray for us during the month of June? It is our desire to steward our Sabbatical well to the point that we come back to you reset and ready for more and better ministry. To that end, here are my personal goals for while I’m away on Sabbatical…

  1. Focus on my relationship with my Lord by means of reading through the Pastoral Epistles.
  2. Focus on my relationship with my Wife by means of learning how to cook from her.
  3. Focus on my relationship with my Kids by means of daily playing and connecting with them.
  4. Pray over my long-term goals at Prairie Flower Baptist Church.
  5. Pray over my long-term vision at Prairie Flower Baptist Church.
  6. Pray over my long-term tenure at Prairie Flower Baptist Church.
  7. Improve my physical health by means of jogging five times a week and doing some weight lifting four times a week.
  8. Improve my mental and emotional health by means of getting rid of technology (i.e. no phone, text messaging, email, or social media of any kind while on Sabbatical) and instead read four good books.
  9. Improve my spiritual health by means of plugging into a good, but different type of church in the Kansas City area.
  10. Begin a dream I’ve always had and start writing a Novel.

Bottom Line: I want to rest, rejuvenate, and recalibrate my life around that which really matters (i.e. God, His Word, and my family), coming back to PFBC a better leader and pastor. Indeed, I want to come back to PFBC with a renewed commitment to pastoral ministry, a better perspective on the difficult events of my recent past, and a greater vision for the future. Please pray with me to that end…

P.S. This will be the last blog I write till my return in July. Thank you!

One thought on “My Sabbatical Goals…

  1. My Dear Pastor and family,
    I will certainly pray for you! That’s an awful lot of goals you have for Sabbatical! I would admonish you that goals cannot be achieved except by prayer and hard work. I believe Sabbatical means “of the Sabbath” the day God set aside for REST!. As an experienced “goal setter” I would give you the advice my dear mother was always telling me. It’s ok to put REST on the top of your to do list! Love you guys and my desire for you is to have a wonderful time resting in the Lord and enjoying each other. The “rest”of your goal list will fall in place naturally as the Lord ordains it. Especially that learning to cook goal! LOL!

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