Results of the 2019 Annual Election of Officers

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Last Sunday (12-9-18), our church held it’s Annual Election of Officers. During this important election, the following people were voted in as Officers for the 2019 year:

Zach Shepherd – Deacon

Mike York – Clerk

Steve Donnolly – Financial Secretary

Duane Davis – Treasurer

Brian Wilson – Sunday School Superintendent

Concerning the full Leadership Team, the 2019 Team looks like so: David Cotner (Lead Pastor), Jon Rocha (Associate Pastor – Leaving May 2019), Steve Bohn (Deacon), Will Luers (Deacon), Zach Shepherd (Deacon), Willie Van Der Molen (Deacon), and Eldon Yoder (Deacon). Please be in prayer for all these individuals serving this coming year.

Also, during this important election, we were able to vote on two other items. Concerning the Glen Galbraith Initiative, this item passed with an 89% approval rating. What a blessing to be a blessing to our missionaries! And concerning moving the Annual Meeting by one week, this item passed with 100% approval.

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