A Prayer For Prairie Flower Baptist Church…

Loving Father,

We bow in your presence and worship you for who you are…You are the great I AM. You are faithful in every season. You are perfect in all of your ways. Who among the “gods” is like you? Indeed, there is no one who comes close to your greatness, splendor, and holiness. O great God, our God, you are good and do good, teach us your ways!

As we ponder your many attributes (your divine perfections), we confess that we are nothing like you. We are sinners by birth and sinners by choice. We willingly ignore you and pursue our own idolatrous pleasures. All we like sheep have gone astray! Indeed, prone to wander, Lord, we feel it! Prone to leave the God we love. Forgive us for our willful wanderings and sinful choices.

Thank you. Thank you for your forgiveness and grace. Thank you for saving our souls. Thank you for giving to us your Word and your Truth. Indeed, all who are on the side of Truth, listen to your voice! Thank you for sharing your voice with us. Thank you for being our God!

As a church family out here on the prairie, we ask that you would continue to help us and bless us. Yes, despite all that we are (a sinful people) and all that we are not (a completely sanctified people), please help us and bless us. Help us to be bold with the Gospel. Help us to love you with all of our being and our neighbors as ourselves. Bless our endeavors to serve and minister to our community. And please continue to bless the preaching and singing of your Holy Word. Yes, help us and bless us to be a strong church that makes disciples for your great glory!

In Jesus’ Name – Our Savior and King’s Name – We Pray All These Things (Humbly & With A Desire For Your Will To Be Done) – Amen!

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