Quarterly Meeting Agenda Items (4-10-22)

Tomorrow (4-10-22), we will conduct our Quarterly Meeting. Below are the Agenda Items for this meeting…

  1. Call Meeting to Order – Pastor Dave
  2. Opening Prayer of Blessing – Pastor Tim
  3. Reading of Past Minutes – Lisa Van Der Molen
  4. Review of Financial Report – Steve Bohn
  5. Readjusting Our Missions Support – Congregational Vote
  6. Removal of Church Members – Congregational Vote
  7. The Lead Pastor’s Items – Pastor Dave
  8. The Associate Pastor’s Items – Pastor Tim w/South Africa Missions Team
  9. Missions Escrow Account Vote – Darwin Carroll (Congregational Vote)
  10. Closing Prayer of Blessing – Zach Shepherd
  11. The Motion to Adjourn – Pastor Dave

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