Conference Reflections 2018


This past week (Monday – Wednesday), Pastor Jon and I had the privilege of attending the Bethlehem Conference for Pastors and Church Leaders in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The temperatures were frigid cold, but what a blessing it was to get away for a few days to learn and grow. Indeed, it was a wonderful time of Bible teaching and team bonding. Below are some quotes that struck me in convicting and encouraging ways:

  1. John Piper: The chief end of preaching is to help your people see and savor the glories of Christ.
  2. Paul David Tripp: Beautiful gospel preaching is born in the seminary of brokenness and pain.
  3. Kevin DeYoung: Focus on being a congregational preacher, not a conference preacher.
  4. Sam Storms: We quench the Spirit in our preaching when we rely too heavily on our own wit and wisdom.
  5. Dave Powlison: Biblical ministries need to focus on truth, love, and power when ministering to the mental disorders of others.
  6. Kevin DeYoung: In your preaching, make sure your best stuff comes from the text itself.
  7. Sean Cordell: There is an unbreakable bond between repentance and rest…sin disturbs rest.
  8. Francis Chan: Are you merely dependent on prayer or are you dependent in prayer?
  9. Kevin DeYoung: Give your people hard truths and give your people hope.
  10. John Piper: Preaching is not a sub-species of natural rhetoric – it is a miracle in the preacher, and a miracle in your people, that they see and savor Christ.

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